en obama 1105 480x360 "60 Minutes" with President Obama

President Obama says he sometimes gets discouraged when dealing with the economy.

In an interview with “60 minutes”, President Obama says he thought the economy would have gotten better by now.

He also said during the CBS broadcast, which aired last night, that while he knows he’d be responsible for everything that happens on his watch, there were some aspects of the economy that were out of his control.

On another subject, Obama said the political cost of overhauling the health care system turned out to be higher than he expected it to be.

  1. sirwinston says:

    I personally understand President Obama’s discouragements! Look all around and we see America being sick to it’s stomach at the state we are in. When the chips are down…they are just that. The question is, how do we get our economy going in theh right directions. Look at what we the consumers are being charges for things that are not expensive to produce; cars, food, routine home items; and yet, companies are trying to get rich off of the consumers and the consumer are not falling anymoe for those tricks. We all should pay a decent price for products we have to have and consume. We are not about to go broke to make other get rich or become millionaries off of our dime. America should not be poor but we are and heading down hill. All companies needs to figure out how they can help put our economy back on track rather than try to break consumers. President Obama cannot do it alone. Before next year come; America will be almost a place where people do not want to live and visotor don’t want to come! Bottom Line.

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