raccoon wbg e1288891806895 Raccoon Attacks Sleeping Baby

A 9-month-old baby girl remains in critical condition at an Atlanta hospital after she was attacked by two raccoons.  Authorities say the child was attacked as she was sleeping in a crib in the same room as her mother.

Here is the story from the Associated Press


Police say its possible the parents may face charges if it turns out that the raccoons were being kept in the home as pets.

  1. Shinona says:

    in my family they keep nets over baby cribs…. because mice, etc will suffocate a baby trying to get to milk left in crib or around child mouth…. If these idiots had them as pets they need to be put in the cage with a few baboons or lions…. let them have fun….

  2. Niki says:

    It is beyond me how this child was attacked by raccoons in her home. Were these people living in open air tents? This is unbelieveable that a raccoon will walk into a home and attack you. Are they living in the woods? Wild animals dont walk into your homes except if they are petted by the owners. This need to be looked into more to get the real story. I hope the child recovers.

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