sharpton distinguished Keepin It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton 11/04

I know we threw you off by changing the programming yesterday, but we are making up for it today! Click more to see how!

bishop jordan reading Keepin It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton 11/04

Today we will be joined by  Bishop E. Bernard Jordan for “Prophetic Ministries, and Prophetic Readings”!

bishop jordan Keepin It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton 11/04

If you missed some of the show, you can listen to a little of the first  hour  below:

To be a live part of Keepin It Real just dial 1-877-532-5797. We look forward to hearing your voice!

call now 23 Keepin It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton 11/04

  1. Niki says:

    Another wack job of using religion to get blacks to enjoying the pain of being oppressed. Preachers have always been used by the oppressors to keep blacks and all people of color in line. Even the uneducated ones, who memorized the few key lines turn the other cheek, blacks are the curse of Ham one of Noah’s son, enjoyed the pain now, god will reward you in the afterlife etc. We have seen this play since these cave dwellers came to the continent and stole us and our resources. Now they are giving these so called men of god their 30 pieces to help make the recolinization more palateable. Instead of wanting god to work through them, they want god to work for them. May they all reside in a special space, in the place called hell…

  2. alwayspraise says:

    People the word of the Lord does not take or sound like a psychic, you need to ask the Word of what Lord is he talking about. There is no Jesus, no Salvation, No professing Christ, only psychic insight that comes for unholy sources, dont allow them in your life. Only the true and living God gives prophecy, the preached Word of the Gospel and telling you of things to come in Christ, not in this Worlds system or the a psychic, probing, way. People with divorce problems dont want to hear how creative they are. This has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ. Let the Blood of Jesus Sheild me.

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