bishoplong Bishop Long Answers Lawsuits

After many weeks of silence, Bishop Eddie Long has responded to lawsuits filed by four young men, former members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The Bishop ‘s response…..

According to the AJC:  Bishop Eddie Long filed four lengthy responses in DeKalb County State Court on Monday, denying all allegations that he coerced young men into sexual relationships. In the filings obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Long asked for the four lawsuits to be dismissed and judgment to be entered in his favor.

In September, four young men — Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg, Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande — filed suits against Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The young men claimed Long coerced them into having sex with him in exchange for lavish gifts, trips and jobs. In the filings, Long said it has been a practice of his to occasionally share a room with members of his congregation. However, he said “the plaintiff’s claims of sexual misconduct are not true.”

The plaintiffs’ attorney, B.J. Bernstein, told the AJC that she had not received copies of the responses and could not comment.

On Monday, Long filed four separate responses, each about 30 pages and denying each accusation point by point. He admitted that he took the men on trips, but he denied the complaints of sexual contact. He did admit to hugging some of the men.

“Bishop Long admits that it is common among his church congregation for members to hug each other and hug the Bishop,” the suit reads.

Long also admitted to giving the plaintiffs gifts, including cars, and helping them financially, but he denied that it was in exchange for sex. He said he has “provided sporadic financial assistance,” and he routinely pays for rent and other expenses for New Birth members, according to the filings.

In the filings, Long also admitted to speaking on the phone with the men, but said he could not recall who initiated the calls. He also admitted that the men called him “Daddy,” “Bishop” and “Granddaddy,” but said many members of his congregation called him similar names.

“Bishop Long admits that he mentors many young men from challenged backgrounds who have often been without the benefit of a male role model,” according to his filings.

In his filings, Long said he is a “bold revolutionary spiritual leader,” and Long has built a ministry that places “special emphasis on outreach to men, reinforcing to men the importance of partnering with a ministry that will grow them spiritually.”

Long has requested a status and scheduling conference to discuss a timeline for the case. The church still needs to file a response.

  1. WTH??? says:

    “Daddy”? Why would a preacher want to be called daddy? Why not Paster? I’ve heard people even called him father, but DADDY? WOW! I’m stunned. The more he talks the guiltier he looks. He might as well just say “I apologize for any wrongs I’ve done or any situations that may have caused these young men harm. I am truly sorry. I apologize to the families, the congregation and the ministry. As a Senior member of this church I step down from my leadership role but will remain as advisor under (whomever).”

    This is not an admission of guilt but would at least be a HUMBLING gesture for the men involved. I guess he doesn’t know that GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY!!

  2. urconscience says:

    Please remove the picture of Bishop Long that you have on the front page of your website. If God’s people are not supposed to look as if they are fasting even when they are — they certainly are not supposed to look like this if they know that they have the victory! Please portray a more positive and successful image. Thank you.

  3. zoe says:

    why would four men decide to drum up such destructive accusations? I believe there is a rat in the mist who needs to come clean for his own peace of mind. What reasons would these men have to accuse the pastor of this after all “he did” for them as he states? someone needs to step up to the plate and be a man. If it is help you need, then you shall receive it and this will pass; although the four young men will remain emotionally haunted if their stories are true.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Ummm, if you have enough money for a Bentley and a private plane, why do you need to share a room with anyone when you are travelling?????


    he has really fallen & druck some of his own koolaid!!! Are we suppose to continue to listen to these lies??? Why would anyone in their right mind risk all that they are for a LIE in public about such a man? All their tales can’t be lies….what would they have to gain!!! when someone says that they could not get the smell of his cologne off of them….that is powerful. Maybe Bishop should have been on Oprah on Men who where molested as a child becasue I believe that he is harboring some deep seeded issues from his past & what other parocial prositute knew in the church of his secret??? I know that there were higher ups who knew what he was doing. You do not get to that level without SOMEBODY knowing who could have saved them. SMDH. god knows & will GET HIM GOOD come judgement day!

  6. Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt? says:

    In the words of a good friend,…” Everybody aint tellin the same lie.”

  7. Hornet77 says:

    Come on now. Occassionally shared a room with members of the congregation? Hugging? Paying rent, buying cars and helping financially? Damn, he has admitted to doing everything that has been alledged except having sex. At least now the members of New Birth know how their tithes are being spent and that Mr. Long is likely a pervert. It is time for New Birth to move on without Mr. Long. After all, it was not he who built the church, it was the members.

  8. AshamedoftheChurch says:

    I am so ashamed of the way the Atlanta Church Community has handled this mess with Bishop….no I refuse to refer to him in that manner, EDDIE LONG. Okay, so now we are supposed to believe EDDIE LONG with his grand SELF actually shared a room with these boys on the outlandish trips he took them on for no reason? Wow! When are we going to wake up. And where are our church leaders? Why do we have to wait for God’s servants from another state to come here and request that false prophet step down? WHY?!!!!! You are all cowards!

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