picture 216 Councilmen Lee Speaks Out!!


You may remember the story of the Warner Robins councilman Daron Lee, that was told he “should work in the cotton field” by another fellow, white congressman. Well, we had a chance to talk with him on the show today. CLICK MORE to hear…

  1. BigDad1960 says:

    This is the primary reason, I do not need any initiative to vote in the electoral process. Trust me / this is not the last time you’ll hear of this behavior from one of our elected officials. With the predictions and the polls, we need to brace our selves as to what’s to come. Too much blood has been shed for Blacks to participate in this process, therefore you can take this to the back baby / I’m voting without question. Hopefully, this inspires one of you to do the same / see you at the polls.

  2. Niki says:

    What he should have done was hit him over the head and knock some sanity back in. We will not get equality by sitting on some city council or voting in elections. We will have to learn to defend ourselves, and not look to the white man to be our saviors. Religion has messed up the minds of black folks. We will have to take up arms against these people, so we need to prepare ourselves psychologically for that event.

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