bishop eddie long6 Rally against Bishop Long

Reuben Armstrong who is a well known Texan radio personality and Prophet H. Walker who leads the True Light Pentecostal Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina have teamed up for a rally at the state capital in Atlanta on Sunday. The men are expected to demand that Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church resign from his post immediately.

H. Walker is asking the public to join him in on Sunday, October 31 at the State Capitol in order to show support for the four young men who are Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande who claimed that Bishop Long manipulated them into having sex with him in exchange of luxurious gifts such as cars and fancy trips.

Not too much has been said about the case since the four young men initially filed their lawsuits. About 75 people showed up at the rally on Sunday.

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  1. Mas says:

    This is just as disturbing as the allegations. Why is a minister from South Carolina leading the fight? If anyone should be leading the fight to have him step down it should be the majority of his 25,000 plus New Birth members but some of us black folks enjoy living in the Chanel #5 fantasy life. Later!

  2. Sharon Walton says:

    Bishop Eddie Long I will be praying for you. You know that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus came so that we all can have life abundantly.. Jesus is always near and He meant it for our good.

  3. Walter Terry says:

    I myself feel the sameway and I think Bishop Eddie Long should have been stepped down.He’s not bigger than God and if he does not step down and tries to hold on to what he has,God is really going to humble him out!!!

  4. nieman says:

    First of i am cracking up this is crazy that only 12 people would rally for Bishop Eddie Long to step down them old men need to get somewhere and sit DOWN

  5. sirwinston says:

    Well, perhaps things have died down. But that don’t excuse the facts of what has happen! I do not see or hear any ministers here in the Atlanta-Metro calling for Bishop Long’s to step down. It makes all of the Ministers, Bishops and other Preachers look bad because they approve of Long staying in the Pulpit even after he has been accused and all of the what ifs are looking very close to he did it! It look like people are afraid of this man who is merely a human being talking instead of preaching the word as he should. Many don’t think he was called by God to preach; Long just went and got very comfort talking to a big crowd of people. Remember, he was trained by Bishop Earl Paulk. I think that is enough and Bishop Paulk was honest in his death; he called Willie A. Watkins. Never in a million years would this happen….but it did. Long time is running out. He needs to step forward and be honest about his life. Bottom Line!

  6. Shinona says:

    if the POPE had to pay and clean his house : Now its time to look at all of those who capture peoples minds and hearts…. Some states make it illegal – to fortune teller – what the difference between a tarot reader and your local minister – they both follow a rule of laws that have nothing to do with black people….

  7. Rev J. Q. Otis says:

    Now we all know why Long asked for the extra $500.00 to $1,000. He need it to pay the 25 million to the youngmen and the lawyers. He will not use his personal funds, nor the 501.3C either. The fact remain that opening two more churches is a smoke-screen. What he does should give him the rights to asked for more money from his congregation. If the congregation pay it….they are really stupid! Long knew what he was doing from the on-set, some of the people in the church knew what he was doing as well; so the chips are falling and they are landing where Long did not think they would. The matter before the NB Congregation is; he never fought for his name; did not throw any of the five rocks, he is the man being exposed in the media; and, he never admitted to his congregation what he did, yet, he said he was going to “fight this thing.” In the end, there can be no settlement to get on with whatever he feel he should get on with. He owe his congregation an answer and he owe them their day to know the honest truth. People have been writing in and calling in quoting scriptures; but this is not a reflection on what Long did and have said openly, he pictures are worth a thousand words; since he called himself a Bishop, those pictures are worth millions and that is waht he paying… doubt, when he fail to pay, there will be some interests added along the way. Who has to help him, well, you are right, he is asking his congregation to foot the bulk of the bill; but by law, he cannot just asked and not account for it; that is why he is opening two more NB churches….sort of like laundry the money; taking it in for one thing and using it for another. Can anyone be so bold by asking his cogregation to pay more! Creflo Dollar speak ugly of the NB members like they are not human beings; and none of NB members should not want to join World Changer; Creflo Dollar expressed in his sermon that he would use them for his pond and get up in their face; and he don’t want them in his ministry; very hurtful and something you would not want to hear from a man who claimed to be a preacher. Lastly, thousands of the NB Congregation Members can’t hide the fact they are hurt after supporting Long; now they know, the truth has set many of them free; but you still have some who will still hand in there perhaps of not being teased about their so called Bishop. Bishop Long, your members of NB want the truth; they all can handle it!

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