short hair janet jackson450 e1288233484796 Janet Jackson's Bucket List

While Janet Jackson is only 44, she says she has something of a “bucket list” when it comes to career goals.

One of them is to get involved in jazz and Brazilian music. She says she grew up listening to both genres as a kid and wants to do something professionally with those styles. Two other goals involve her career as an actress. Jackson says she wants to star in an action movie and do a sci-fi flick.

Her latest movie is the Tyler Perry film “For Colored Girls.”

  1. Sarah says:

    She should also plan on not having anymore artificial body enhancements done. She seems to be suffering from self-esteem issues, and always make the wrong choice with men. She’s currently envolved with an Arab billionaire, it’s not always good to chase money to find happiness. I’m glad to see her using her real hair for once.

  2. Sharon Walton says:

    Janet is a very God gifted talent young woman. I love your music, acting and performance. You are simply one of the best entertainer. Matter of fact her entire family.



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