hnp swat Say Hello To My Little Friend

An Atlanta police officer faces suspension after he pulled a weapon out in front of patrons at a night club.

Police spokesman Curtis Davenport said officer Donald  Vickers exposed the assault rifle Saturday at Scores bar and restaurant. Vickers was picking up his girlfriend when he noticed that security was fighting with a group of men. Vickers retrieved the weapon from his car and pointed his flashlight on it.  Officer Vickers has been placed on administrative leave while the chief decides his consequences.

  1. Shinona says:

    He should keep his job: cause if he were here in NYC he would considered a HERO. I guess after seeing the RIFLE they adjusted themselves…. LOL …. ALSO isn’t it legal to ride around with a gun in a gun rack in the land of Dixie or is it only legal for white boys with the confederate flag on a truck allowed to have gun racks and rifles in them?

  2. Sarah says:

    This was very irresponsible on his part. The club already had the situation under control, he did not have to pull a gun, chamber a round, and proceed to terrorized these individuals without identifying himself as being APD. These are the types of irresponsible people on law enforcement agencies, that is responsible for the violent encounters between the black community and law enforcement agencies.

  3. jimmielee says:

    It is sometimes difficult to hold one’s own wallet (when money is in it) for a period of with out “wanting to spend” perhaps, it is difficult to hold a weapon for a period of time; having not used it for a few rounds…….It does not deter a frightened, would be assailant who maybe welding a weapon….This may cause provocation……..

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