s sclc Who's Gonna Lead The SCLC?

The debate over who should lead the SCLC continues…

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) is still stuck in a battle over leadership.  One of the factions that lost a lawsuit over who should lead the group now says it is appealing the judge’s ruling.

Several leaders from the SCLC which include ousted treasurer Spiver Gordon and President Markel Hutchins, held a news conference Monday to announce an appeal in which they continue to seek control over the group.

The well-known civil rights group has been struggling with a long-running leadership dispute.

A ruling in September from Fulton County Superior Court Judge Alford Dempsey placed control of the group with a different leadership party siding with the Rev. Bernice King who was earlier elected to lead the SCLC.

  1. michell says:

    I know Martin and Coretta are rolling over..this is ridiculous…

  2. Therese says:

    This is becoming very disfunctional, Dr Bernice King was appointed as president to this organization and she should lead in that capacity. Markel is trying to get this org disbanded based on his actions. We have this crabs in the barrel attitude leftover from slavery that we will seek to destroy something rather than let it survive under a different leadership.

  3. Shinona says:

    all of European mind control called the word of Jesus and other Jews needs to go away
    black people need to find god in their own words
    its only right that now it blows up — instead of dressing up to go to church – single and old women can start dressing up and giving fashion shows,,,, to me thats all a black church is – a Hat Show that i pay 5 times into the Roof fund

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