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California is closer to making a decision on legalizing marijuana.

On election day voters will vote on whether or not to pass Proposition 19. The proposition is the possible answer to the state’s ongoing debate on whether or not to legalize marijuana. Former U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders feels it’s about time marijuana is legalized in the state.

If passed the law will allow anyone 21 years of age or older to possess, share, grow or transport certain amounts of  marijuana . When asked by CNN anchor Don Lemon if she would smoke marijuana if it were made legal, Elders said “I didn’t smoke it when it was illegal so I probably would not smoke it if it were legal.”

  1. Sarah says:

    I have always had a love and appreciation for Dr Elders. I was disgusted when Bill Clinton threw her and Lani Guanier under the bus to save his hiney. California has always been a leader in writing laws that will eventually appear around the country. I hope they are successful in not only Prop 19, but also in electing a green party candidate to the governorship.

  2. Shinona says:

    the only thing i can say since my original message was not posted
    is – BE CARFUL of anything the government says is okay.
    when the cigarette , sugar and a few other industries still support and pay the QUEEN OF ENGLAND – they may start putting additives in it like they did with the cigeretts……

    everyone who smokes should sue the GOVERMENT OF US AND ENGLAND for putting additives making it addictive and harmful!!!!!!!!!!!! they are trying to push the junk DNA into something they can control and they start with hormones in foods now your kids don’t know if they want to have sex with a boy or girl…. while “THEY” try to keep power for their children, I doubt the Obama’s girls are invited to the club LOL

    1. Monte says:

      That’s funny, I heard them on the news debating which is healthier and which is more addictive. People saying marijuana is healthier and less addictive. But like you said, it is all about what they add to it. They is no need to debate pot isn’t addictive. It WILL be once the government and businesses (same thing) get their hands on it.

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