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Transgendered Woman Files Suit Againt LPGA…

lana lawless 4x3 370x278 LPGA Hit With Lawsuit By.....A former male SWAT team member who is now a transgendered woman is suing the Ladies Professional Golf Association in a bid to join the women’s golf tour. 

Lana Lawless claims that her civil rights have been violated by the LPGA. 

The LPGA rules state that no one can play on the tour unless she was born female and the organization has rejected Lawless’ applications to enter qualifying events. 

Lawless is legally female, after undergoing a sex-change operation. 

Lawless is also suing the Long Drive Association, which holds driving distance competitions.  She claims the LDA changed its rules to prevent her from entering future events after she won it in 2008.

  1. Shinona says:

    is IT – HE/SHE crazy —- if i had an operation to turn me WHITE & MALE will my 5 figuar job turn to the Mid – 6 figuar the idiot down the hall from me is bringing home….


  2. Sarah says:

    Look we need to get this straight, he/she was born a man and through medical operations, he/she is a woman. He/She was not born a woman, I don’t care how he/she tries to dress this one up. He/She should form a club for transgender people that would be most appropriate. I’m tried of women trying to join men’s sports team, and men wanting to join women’s. This is starting to get out of hand. He/She might be legally female, but he/she was born biologically a man and lived and operated as one for a very long time. He/she will have more strength prowness as far as hitting and driving a ball that the natural born woman he/she is trying to compete with. Why don’t he/she try and join the PGA? That might be more appropriate for he/she.

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