jumper176952278 T.I. Helps Talk Young Man From Jumping To His Death

T.I.  or Clifford Tip Harris came to the rescue of a young man who was threatening to jump from the 22 story Colony Square building in Midtown today. V-103’s Ryan Cameron brought the minute by minute highlights to Atlanta as the drama unfolded.

ti 1 T.I. Helps Talk Young Man From Jumping To His Death

A dramatic afternoon unfolded today at the offices of V-103, WAOK and Dave FM when a 22 yr old young man named “Joshua” climbed to the roof of Colony Square at 1201 Peachtree St NE and threatened to end his life. V-103’s Ryan Cameron provided the details as the young man paced back and forth across the top of the building occasionally peering over the side to see the crowd gathered below at Peachtree and 15th streets. Traffic was diverted, Atlanta police and fire officials were called to the scene when Rapper T.I. offered to help. Officer James Polite a spokesman for the APD said, T.I.  came to the scene and offered to talk to the young man, we told the young man that, and he came down.

Once “Joshua” descended from the roof of the building, T.I. was waiting and the two talked for a few minutes. Police later took the young man away presumably to the hospital for observation.

T.I. joined Ryan on the air to recap the situation and said he didn’t want to take any credit for what happened.

Reflecting on his own impending legal problems,  T.I. told Ryan and V-103 listeners that he was sorry for disappointing  his friends and fans because of his latest arrest, asked for forgiveness and said “he would make it up to everyone some way some how.”

T.I. has a court date Friday at 2 pm. to learn if he will go back to jail for his arrest in September for violating his probation.

  1. Niki says:

    T.I. was just trying to score brownie points for when he goes before the judge for his sentencing. Yes it’s a good thing that he did, but he was looking to cut ome time off his prison sentence. I’m glad the young man did not jump, and he will get the much needed help he will need to help him to recover from this sucidial incident.

  2. Mas says:

    Niki that was exactly what I was thinking when I heard the name T.I. T.I. & Tiny still need to be held accountable for their crime. They might get off easy like Paris Hilton. Anyway glad the young man is safe.These are trying times for many of us. Hope he gets help. Peace!

  3. Ray says:

    This was very timely.

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