blue mosque architecture in istanbul turkey Islamic Center Debate Continues To Heat Up

The debate continues on whether an Islamic center should be built near the 9/11 site.

ABC’s  “This Week” held a forum on whether Americans should fear Muslims. The conversation quickly turned into a debate over the building of an Islamic Center near the 9/11 site. Franklin Graham son of  Billy Graham, feels that the center or mosque is a means to convert Americans to Islam, which he  calls a violent religion.

Daisy Khan one of the main supporters for building the Islamic Center argued that Muslims are diverse. During the debate she said that Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens and pointed out that several Muslims have served in the US armed forces.

The proposed Islamic Center has brought arguments from both sides. Building plans are scheduled to move forward.

Here is a video of the debate on Islam from ABC’s This Week

  1. Niki says:

    Why don’t we let these people go ahead and build their cultural center? There is no problem with Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant religious centers being built around this country. Todays it’s the Muslims, tomorrow it will be back to the blacks and hispanics to be targetted. When are going to learn that these people are playing censorship games with the American people? I will not buy into anything that is played/said on the so called main-stream media which is controlled by the jewish people, slanted to promote their agenda.

  2. Shinona says:

    give them 30 yrs to admit the truth – like pearl harbor and just maybe those of us may still be alive when the truth comes out

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