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For the first time since four separate lawsuits were filed against Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, one of the men shared his story in his own words with Dale Russell of Fox 5 Atlanta.  Jamal Parris, filed the 3rd lawsuit against Bishop Long last week charging that Long used his influence and money over time to lure young men into sexual relationships.

Russell flew to Colorado after Bishop Long spoke to the New Birth congregation on Sunday.  Here is his story.


So far neither Bishop Long, his attorneys or the attorney representing the young men B.J. Bernstein have had any comment on the story.

  1. NYTN says:

    Bishop Eddie Long Accuser Jamal Parris Speaks Out

  2. Kate says:

    Remember FOX News sought Jamal out. I feel he is telling the truth. Look at his face and his mannerisms. He is telling the truth.

  3. Therese says:

    I saw this interview and I was hearthbroken for this young man and his fellow victims. When I heard him speak about what was alledged to have taken place, I believe him, especially when he looked into the camera and asked Bishop Long to deny these allegations. I pray to God these children are not permanently damaged, something like this could leave permanent scares. All mental health professionals, please make an outreach to these youngmen and offer your services free of charge, so far there is hope that we could reach them and get them back on track. One of them has already lashed out by committing criminal acts, these are all signs of someone begging for help. Bishop Long, hell will not be hot enough for you, they are already making a special spot there just for you, Mr Long.

    1. St.Ives says:

      This whole thing reminds me of Jim Jones. He did the same things demanding that his followers called him “Father.” He also had sex with youngmen to keep them in line. His followers never talked against him, they supported him even when he was wrong. In the end, they paid a terriable price. Jim Jones control everything and he only had guards to protect him. When anyone confronted him, they were never seen again. At this point, the New Birth Elders and Deacons must now call for Mr. Long to step down until this thing is solved. He must not continue to stand behind the pulpit knowing that this is a very serious and grave situation. The congregation must also move to do what is right as well. They must asked the pastor to step down because if he don’t, he is sending the wrong message that it’s O.K. to preach even while you are under investigation. This situation is getting worse and worse and the look on this youngman face is proving to be creditable.

  4. Sister Sankofa says:

    This young man sounds very credible. He is very articulate and intelligent. He makes a lot of sense and does not spew anger and hatred towards Bishop Long which speaks volumes to his dedication to this “father” figure. It’s painfully obvious that he loved this man as a son would love his father. For him to speak this well without being counseled by a lawyer is touching and you can’t deny the fact that he speaks with conviction. I believe him. Why would a young man speak publicly, show his face to the world and lie against a man who is “suppossedly” very powerful? Wouldn’t shame, fear and embarrassement cause most of us to flee cameras if we were lying? I commend him for his courage.

    If other young people would speak up about the violence that is perpetrated in our communities and not feel like “snitches” maybe we’d live a lot safer and be a lot more productive. To me he stands as an example of bravery, honor and self-pride. I wish him luck and pray he becomes the victor in this fight against evil, excessive greed and hypocritical religious leaders.

  5. happyfeet 48 says:

    My prayers truly go out to these young men of God …..and out of this I also pray that God will expose all of the so-called Pastors hiding behind the title as Pastor for self gain and self gratification in the worse way, I’m sure that these young men will have issues with relationships and confusion about their own sexuality all because of a man with selfish desires who probably needs counseling himself…God bless you Jamal and all of the others to come, this is why so many of our young men are confused……..I also hope support groups reach out to these young men.

  6. (South of the A) says:

    This is starting to remind me of Six Degrees of Separation

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