jesse jackson jr Unconditional Love: Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Wife Stands by Her Manjackson sandi Unconditional Love: Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Wife Stands by Her Man

Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife have managed to repair their relationship since he revealed an extramarital affair nearly two years ago.

Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson was mortified and in agony after her husband admitted the infidelity – and decided she would stay in the marriage if they went into therapy. Some Chicago residents and Congressman Jackson’s opponent gave their opinions on his infidelity and the upcoming election.

Word of Jackson’s infidelity came out last week.

  1. Chris says:

    Another stupid woman who apparently does not feel she is worthy of a faithful man and she has placed money, power and fame ahead of having a valid and adultery-free marriage.

  2. Therese says:

    When you have small children and a life built together, infidelity is something that can sometimes be worked out. For all you stone throwers, this is a private matter and if they choose to stay together and work out this problem, that is their business. All infidelity does not have to end in divorce. We are too quick to throw away people, in this disposable age. You marry for better or worse, sometimes you get the worse before better. Work through the problems if the marriage is worthy of saving. Being high profile individuals, they should know that people will be attracted to you for what they thing you can do, or the places you can take them.

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