police walking Give Us The Beat, More Cops On Foot

Police Chief George Turner is promising a quicker police response……..

Police Chief  Turner’s plan to reshape the Atlanta Police Department holds the promise of quicker response times. At a special Public Safety Committee work session, Turner and his commanders submitted an ambitious proposal to drastically redesign the operation of the current police zones, while expanding beat coverage.

Turner’s plan is to increase the number of beats throughout the city’s six police zones to 78 from the current 66. The number of beats varies by zone because the zones are different sizes. With 12 additional beats, that would mean, Turner said, more cops patrolling smaller areas.

According to the 33-page report, “the plan would allow for the workload among the beats to be more equally distributed and reduce the disparity among the zones. The plan is expected to lower response times by more adequately aligning the zone and beat workloads.”  Turner and the Public Safety Committee will now try to sell the plan to community and business leaders, as well as the rest of the council.

  1. Therese says:

    If more of them were on a walking beat, there would not be as many over-weight law enforcement officials. We need to see more foot patrols, so citizens will feel comfortable reporting crimes and forming a bond with law enforcement officials.

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