brandy maksim R&B's Platinum Girl Prepares to Dance With the Stars Tonight

She has conquered the world of music, but can she conquer the world of dance to win the shiny mirrorball?

Brandy Norwood, known to the world simply as Brandy, will make her debut on Dancing with the Stars tonight at 8pm eastern time. Having sold 25 million albums worldwide, the “R&B Platinum Girl” is now setting her sights on the coveted mirrorball.

Along with sharing her thoughts on her partner Maxsim Chmerkovskiy, the duo discuss going over their routines in preparation for their DWTS debut.

The singer also says she has had a series of dreams about the competition. She says she dreams that it’s 20 minutes before her performance and she can’t find her costume. Then she loses one of her shoes. She ends up dancing
barefoot, but misses her cue and is behind during the whole performance.

Her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy tells her she doesn’t have to worry because he’s ready with “plans C, D and F” to hide any mistakes she makes.

  1. Moni says:

    nice to see here shes back on the screen~~~~~~~~~
    but i will not watch this show : i feel shows like this are part of mind control of dumbing us down – while we are involved in wives and dance shows – we are imploding. like jobs are letting Blacks go, but hiring new colored – East Indians etc; they come with high degrees and NO anger….

    1. Shabba says:

      @Yar: Aquarius are quiet people except when you cross them. Brandy is in the business to make money. She should be working on her singing or acting career. People who appear on these types of shows, are usually at the end of their career, or need some publicity to jump start a stalled carrer. All applies to her. She had that lawsuit for that vehicular homocide she committed about 3-4 yrs ago, she is also on that reality show with her brother RJ who has a habit of making sex tapes. (Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston) are the only ones made public so far. Since these hillbillies moved from Mississippi to Hollwood, they have falllen under the spell and have allowed their children to get out of hand, all to make money. Don’t forget she had her daughter and was lying that she was married, until the father of the child blew the whistle…

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