billie varner Infant Needs Life Saving Surgery, Mom Says No

A mother will not give her child life saving surgery unless it’s on her terms…..

One year old Billie Varner needs heart surgery, but her mother Zayna says no unless doctors will change the consent form.

Zayna is Jehovah’s Witness and believes blood transfusions are not biblical. Little Billie has been revived several times and must wear a heart monitor 24/7. Zayna says that a hospital in Ohio can do the procedure without the blood transfusion, but Georgia Medicare will not cover it.

  1. Moni says:

    they just need to say they are putting this mother in jail – and they have enough white people in religion to make them change.

    1. Me says:

      What exactly are you saying?

  2. Shabba says:

    Could they use the mother’s blood, if not why not let her do so, or the experiment in Ohio? These same so called Christians simulate drinking the blood and eating the flesh of Jesus when the partake in communion on Sun-days. This is why Christianity is so hypocritical. She has a religious right not to have her child be experimented on, the say way you have a religious right not to partake in the vaccine program… She will have to live with herself if the child dies…

  3. Me says:

    The child deserves the best health care possible.

  4. Scott says:

    Don’t let the child die because her mother believes in a lie.

    1. Me says:

      The Bible is not a lie Scott.

      1. Shabba says:

        If is is not a lie why was it revised over 27 times since it’s inseption? Truth does not have to be validated by ignorance. If the bible was right the first time, it should not have needed revising. What are they trying to hide? You need to know what you’re talking about before you defend ignorance. This woman has the right to refused to have tainted blood put into her children. that is what has caused the spread of Aids and other blood bourne diseases…She already said they had infections form a prior blood transfusion when they were born…She should take her kids to OH and let them bill GA for the care…

  5. dwen says:

    Understand this is about bureaucracy and finance. Ohio Nation Wide Childrens Hospital is a GA Medicade APPROVED. Approve it people.

  6. Nikki says:

    What if she goes to OHio and has the surgery and still ends up needing a blood transfusion? I would hope she would consent to let her child have the transfusion instead of the alternative.

  7. reading some of these comments….it’s painful….but each of you are entitled to your own opinions. I am NOT fighting to harm my child…i am fighting to keep her out of harms way.
    The Doctor’s have ALREADY taken my parental rights to give Billie a blood transfusion…and afterward, she got a bacterial infection in her blood. I will NEVER put her at that risk.EVER. And as her mother, I am the only one that will stand up for the safety of my child. I’m sorry if you don’t agree. There are things that i may not agree with about each and every one of you…but i RESPECT….YOUR RIGHT….to your own…CHOICE of treatment. And all i am asking, is that the doctor’s respect mine. And the surgery be done at a hospital that can INCREASE the chances of her NOT having even more to deal with, that she already does.
    The other hospital is GA Medicaid approved. And I am doing nothing more than expecting the hospital here to respect, my right of choice.Every mother has the God given right, and right by law to decide what is best for their child. And if you actually pay attention to my reason’s….they are based on NOTHING, but the welfare of my child.

  8. where can i find the actual interview that i did with Lorraine, please?

    1. Therese says:

      Contact V103/WAOK and ask if you can get the complete transript. Part of or the whole interview is also listed at the top of this blog. Hit the play button, you will be able to hear it.All the best on your quest to get your children well..

      1. The clip that is on here, is from the CNN interview. I will contact WAOK directly. Thank you for your guidance Therese, you are much appreciated.

        ~Note~ I am with each and every one of you. My child needs the surgery ASAP…and please know, i will only wait so long on GA Medicaid. There is more than one way to skin a cat & where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  9. Jasie says:

    Well, its October.. do we have any updates??? Has the little girl finally received the treatment she needs??

    This is not about religion; this really should be about what’s in the best interest of the little girls health.
    Trust me, Id rather my child fight a blood infection then die! So maybe we should thank the doctors for saving her life.
    My prayers will continue to be with you,.
    Your sister,
    Jasie S

    1. I wanted to share this PBS Special Video with you….it will help you see what i am fighting against.
      After you see it, you will understand i think.
      Unfortunatly, here in the State of Georgia, we do not have a pediatric hospital
      that offers advanced medicine. As a result, instead of allowing me to take her to an out of state, in network, facility they want to
      take my daughter from me. I’m glad that a station like PBS did a story like this…it nice and short & to the point.

  10. Z says:

    I would like to update the WOAK Community and let you know that Billie has had her life saving surgery.

    Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas,TX & Dr. Eric Mendeloff along with joint efforts from the Honorable Myrtis Evans and the State of Texas, made it possible.
    You can see the rest of her story, on her website:
    if anyone would like to reach me, please feel free to contact me via my email address:

    Thank you to those of you who understood & cared. I am glad that the fate of myself & my daughter did not lay in the hands of several of you who posted here.

    The lack of understanding and slowness to self educate is disheartening. I stated before, I would only wait so long…so I did what I had to do, to look out for the best interest of my daughter. I pray that none of you are faced with a medical situation such as this. And that if any of you are, you have the self will & love for your child to educate your selves on the whole picture, inside of simply relying on what you are told.

    Doctor’s are people. Medicaid is composed of individual people.Judges are people.
    And people can make mistakes…especially if they lack the accurate knowledge to make educated decisions.

    Knowledge is power….Read a book….or several if you must

    It’s a sad thing, that we live in a day and age when a parent is not listened to because the title that comes with her name is “Mommy”.
    Regardless of your faith. Regardless of the color of your skin. ESPECIALLY if you are provided with Medicaid. Any parent, in the State of Georgia, If they challeng the integrity and overall positive outcome of a blood transfusion or necessity to put at risk in regard to their child, could have been in the same exact position as I. Why?
    I took my daughter where they would listen, I wasn’t going to wait for my daughter to die for an example to be set to shake people to their senses. Not over something as simple as a parents right to choose and simple piece of paper.
    The media distorts things to make it shocking. To grab your attention. And I needed that to make SOMEONE…ANYONE listen. However, I never realized how easily swayed people were until this. It’s as if we have lost the ability to think & reason for ourselves.
    My daughter is where she belongs, safe & sound in her mother’s arms. I thank God everyday over & over & over again.
    She went thru the surgery with no complications and she recovering very well 🙂 You can see pictures of her during the surgical process on her site.
    Thank all of you who did support, for your support.
    Thank you to News & Talk 1380 WOAK for giving me the opportunity to express the situation over the air.

    With Gratitude,

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