schoolmg 1233 Dad Goes Ballistic on Bullies and He Gets Arrested!

If your daughter was being bullied by boys on the school bus, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

This AP video shows the frustration one father has when his daughter comes home and tells him she is being bullied by the boys on the bus.

James Jones’ daughter, who is stricken with cerebral palsy, had just started middle school in Lake Mary, Fla. According to the daughter, she had been hit, pinched and taunted. And she had unwrapped condoms thrown at her.

Now, the girl is on suicide watch at a local hospital due to the bullying by her peers.

jamesjones 438 Dad Goes Ballistic on Bullies and He Gets Arrested!

Jones now faces charges after he was arrested for threatening the students and the bus driver. Reportedly, even after Jones confronted his daughters school mates, the bullying continued.

Jones appeared on “Good Morning America” and apologized to the students on the bus who were not involved in bullying his daughter.

What do you think about this situation? Answer the poll.

  1. Shabba says:

    I would do the samething this father did. These kids tormented this child who is disabled, put a condoms on her head amoung other things, I would beat their azzes if it was my child. The bus driver also need to be disciplined. He should have put these kids off the bus and reported it to the administration… I hope some lawyer will take this case pro-bono and help this family out…He should not be charged with anything, we used to be able to talk to other peoples children without it becoming a lawsuit… Some of these children are not in school to learn, therefore put them out…

  2. Linda says:

    He’s an AMERICAN HERO! whohoo, Good for him! My son gotten beaten up 3 X’s on the bus last year 3rd grade, and the 3rd kid I pressed charges! Then the sheriff tried to talk me out of pressing charges! I said NO WAY! The one good thing is that these buses have video cameras and YOU have to call the bus co., that day to pull the video for evidence and then the accused have no way out! My son is being harassed at school in class this year 4th grade and he’s special needs also, and I yelled @ the principal the way this guy yelled @ the kids, and I called our superintendent, Brian Binggeli, and all he did was praise the school and didn’t care what I had to say, the principals cover the teacher’s asses and he covers the principals asses, and I said that to him and he hung up on me! They need to go back to the old ways, these days the principals leave the disciplining up to the teachers (who cannot control these kids), and no kid is held accountable, no detention, no going to the principal anymore, it’s NOT WORKING, they need the old days discipline, and maybe these kids will start acting human in school again, they get away w/ murder & it starts in elementary school ,then by high school they r shooting it up ,or bringing in bombs! It’s out of control, and we the people need to take the schools back from the government, they are useless! These kids need to know there are consequences, but our school dept and sheriffs dept is making it otherwise and the kids know it. the KIDS r running the show these days! It’s LORD OF THE FLIES part 3!
    I showed this video to my son and he said, that’s a great dad! And i totally agree, i lose it in every meeting @ the school, cause I am so angry, outraged and frustrated and passionate and all this BS pisses me off to no end! So hoorah for this dad for being a GREAT DAD, there should be more parents out there like him! Thats the root of this problem, poor parenting, i dont blame the kids, or the school so much BUT THE PARENTS OF THESE ASSHOLE KIDS!

  3. Mike says:

    I would love to knock those kids up side the head that were bullying that disabled child!

    Shame on those children, and shame on their parents who aren’t teaching them manners!

  4. Deb Thomas says:

    DONT YOU DARE APOLOGIZE!!! The innocent children saw an ugly thing but learned an important lesson, too. And I can guarantee you that some of those innocents were also being bullied by those animals and were relieved to see SOMEONE WITH SOME GUTS putting them in their place!! Bullies like these CANNOT BE TOLERATED! And YOU, MOTHER OF THE BULLY, SHOULD be upset, WITH YOUR SON! I would be broken-hearted, ashamed and enraged if I had a child who bullied anyone, especially someone weaker than he/her! ALL parents need to be as protective as this dad!! God bless you and stand your ground, YOU ARE RIGHT!!! I think you showed a HUGE amount of restraint, especially with the bus driver, who is just as responsible!

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