shane mosley01 0508 06 The KINGS Step Into the Boxing Ring With Shane Mosley!!!

We had the opportunity to chat one on one with Boxing champion Sugar Shane Mosley. Click MORE for the interview…

shane mosley2 The KINGS Step Into the Boxing Ring With Shane Mosley!!!

UPDATE:  The fight between Mosley and Sergio Mora ended in a DRAW!

  1. hector n says:

    ive been a boxing fanatic since i was like 6 years old and whats happening to boxing now is a huge disappointment. we the fans need those super bouts like it use to be.. mayweather needs to man up and fight manny stop making excuses and just fight.when ali fought sonny liston and liston cheated he didnt care he just whooped him even more. and gave him a rematch, what im trying to say is money is important but when it stops great fights from happening the game needs to be change…only my opinion….

  2. Moni says:

    i think there is allot of truth in field Negro’s being breded and house Negro’s were colored members of the family…. I always ask what dreams do black boys have when white men are tired of paying millions to see them perform and when white kids get tired of RAP/hip-hop…. when this dream dies – does the mindset of trapping a man before he makes his millions eliminate the need to be baby-mama #1?

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