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Dick Gregory wants an explanation of some comments Andrew Young made in the case of an FBI informant.

Rob Redding reports on the Redding News Review…

Comedian and activist Dick Gregory said he wants former civil rights activist, mayor and ambassador Andrew Young to explain his comments about an FBI spy in the civil rights movement.

Young, now 78, told The Commercial Appeal that he is not bothered by a report that Ernest Withers secretly worked as an FBI informant while snapping photographs of the civil rights movement.

“I always liked him because he was a good photographer. And he was always (around),” Young is reported to have told the newspaper. “I don’t think Dr. King would have minded him making a little money on the side.”

Gregory said the comments show a “hatred” of Martin Luther King Jr.

“We are talking about a guy hired by the FBI to destroy us and the fact that Andy could say that means there must be a deep hatred down inside of him…If he feels that way about King only God knows what he feels about the rest of us,” Gregory said on Redding News Review’s daily radio program.

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  1. V.K. Bullock says:

    There is an interesting story about intelligence and spying and he Civil Rights era. Much more than the spying of Withers plagued that movement. In time much more should be revealed. I understand DickGregory’s remark about Andrew Young’s views on the issue. I am not sure Dick understood the context from which Young spoke. Many believed they were being loyal when spying. They believed they were helping their people escape the real enemy from without who was indoctrinating those in the movement. Anyhow time will tell about a lot of that era.


    1. Solomon Lewis says:

      Shabba you are at it again…..where is your organization?

      1. Shabba says:

        Why are we the only grp of people who have to be led somewhere? Are we cattle that need shepards? Look at our other counter-parts, do you see them being lead? Or forming alliances with us or their enemy (the whiteman)? White people always encourage blks to have leaders, especially leadership in the hands of preachers to indoctrinate us with the biblical BS about accepting our lot in life, turning the check, love your enemies, etc, so that when they (blk leadership) are picked off or killed, they (whites) know based on our nature, we fold like a deck chair. No we are the only grp who feel we have to have these preachers, or so called prominent blks be our misleaders. Put down the whiteman’s bible, which was created only to enslave us, and use your G’d given brain to think for yourselves. Form alliances with your black brothers and sisters within the areas you live to better yourselves, and do not at all cost allow any whites to become a part of your groupings. All black organizations have failed because we allowed whites to join, and before you know it they will be running the org. Look at the NAACP, Urban League, CORE, SNCC, etc.. Most of them never had blacks in power for over 60 yrs after being founded (NAACP), SNCC and CORE, Black Panther Party, went by the way because they allowed whites to join and bring their disunity amoung our membership. Blk Panthers formed alliances with poor whites and latinos, allowing infiltration, and dis-unity amoung the grp. This is only recent history. Look back at what caused our enslavement, we had some of our ancestors in Africa forming business relationships with Europeans, who only saw us as merchandise to be sold… Wake the hell up people and stop allowing yourselves to be treated as cattle, waiting to be led….

  2. Shabba says:

    Andrew Young, Julian Bond, Thurgood Marshall, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the list goes on were all spies for either the FBI or other law enforcement agencies who betrayed their people and the groups they were envolved in. Andy Young got paid and has abandonded the movement. I have no respect for any of these so called intergarated organization, NAACP, Urban League, National Action Network. These organization has become like Nascar, with corp sponsored logos splashed all over them. He who pays for the dance, can demand what DJ or music to be played… This is what has become of the misleadership class of blackpeople who are all about getting paid, eating the whiteman’s leftover, wearing the whiteman’s discards and being traitors to their people. They all need checkups from the neck up…. If you have membership in these oreo clubs, I would suggest you let them lapse, and let these orgs died a slow painful death, the same death that has been visited upon our people, because these misleaders lover their enemies more that their race. Some of them even marry the whiteman’s daughter, (Julian Bond). Very disfunctional…

    1. Yar says:

      @Shabba: All the keegrows you mentioned are part of the Boule’
      Watch this video!

      Pronounced Boo-le, the Boule are the black version of the Illuminati. It was created in 1904 and is also known as Sigma Pi Phi, you guessed it, a fraternity in many black colleges throughout the United States. There job is to spread and/or do nothing about the violence in the black community. They are paid great sums of money to keep quiet about black social issues. Ever wonder why their are fraternites and sororities in colleges nationwide. That is the Boule.

      Many join without ever knowing the true meaning behind the group. Joining the group provides many advantage like professional job offers, fame, fortune, and powerful executive postitions throughout the world.

      Known members of the Boule, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Halle Berry, Bill Cosby, Samuel L Jackson, NAS, Young Jeezy, etc. Wonder why Jay-Z calls himself Jehovah and even had the nerve to call one of his albums “Kingdom Come”. Remember Nas anti-God remarks on various album releases and the Egyptian symbology on his albums covers.

      Ever wonder why you see the same actors, actresses, and artists over and over and over again in movies and television. It is not do to talent only. Remember when Oprah denounced her beliefs in God. You also should remember when Oprah despised hip-hop culture but now you see her and Jay-Z become close friends after he denounced Jesus and God in his latest release. BET is a Boule powerhouse.

      Their sole purpose is to dilute the minds of African Americans with anti-political ideals and to enslave their minds by showing violent, ignorant programming. Ask yourselves, how in the world did Gucci Mane get to the top. Easily, by following into the plans of the Boule.

      Any black entertainers that is willing to spread hatred, anti-political, anti-christian messages are put to the forefront and any postive, uplifting moguls have their careers snatched from them aka Arsenio Hall, 2Pac, Biggie, KRS-1 and many others. 2Pac was killed along with many black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr and many others to scare and control the ones who spoke against their reasoning aka a scare tactic.

      There was a series of episodes on the cartoon “The Boodocks” that were banned from tv because it talked about and depicted this very concept. The creator of the cartoon, Aaron Mcgruder, life was threatened and he also was sued. He was forced to move to Canada as a result but you can find the episodes by searching for “Boondocks, Banned, Episodes”

      The “Black Boule” is a black satanic, devil worshipping group of elite people who chose to abide by the laws of the Illuminati. The reasoning behind the lack of meaningful hip-hop and positive programming on BET is not a accident. There are many great hip-hop artists and entertainers that have been shelved as of late because they chose not to join the Boule, Dave Chappelle being one of them. David Chapelle was made to look like he went crazy but in actuality, he just refused to join the Illuminati and turned down the ridiculously high 60 million dollar contract.

      He was quoted to say that he wasn’t going to sell his soul to the devil. You have been warned.

      Here is a 3-part series on the Black Boule. There are many more videos including actual undercover satanic rituals. Here’s part one. Peace

      1. Yar says:

        As you can see, they have removed this video, but check out this one!

  3. NYTN says:

    Or maybe Andy was getting paid too. Think about it…

  4. Shabba says:

    I’m well aware of the Boule which was founded in Philadelphia. It is the black equivalent to Skull & Bones where you’re tapped for membership and not initiated during rush week on college campuses. Vernon Jordan, Andy Young, Earl Graves of Blk Enterprises, Jesse Jackson, Valerie Jarrett’s father (Obama’s top aid) is also a member of the boule. She(Valerie) is also the niece of Vernon Jordan. Lots of the top echelon of blk leadership, to include Blk College presidents are members of Sigma Pi Phi. Remember George GM James who wrote “Stolen Legacy”, he was alledged to have been killed because he revealed secrets of the boule. I love Br Steve Cokely and what he has been trying to do for our community.

    Prof Griff of Public Enemy has long denounce these rappers and told of their blood sacrifice to join the billionaires club. Members include Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Puffy, Ludacris, Jermaine Dupre, Suge Knight, etc… You pay with blood to get in and to get out… Buyers beware….

  5. Shabba says:

    Sigma Pi Phi fraternity is a post bacculaurate or graduate level fraternity. Means you dont join, you are selected for membership post graduate. Most members are tapped after they show potential in under-grad fraternities like Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi, Sigma Pi Phi al of thesel so called black greeks. How oxymoronic, that you call yourselves greek, when their (Greeks and Romans) history was stolen from Khemet or Aklebulan as the continent of what is now called Africa was originally named by the natives….

  6. Hornet77 says:

    How can Young make such a statement w/o knowing what was revealed and how that info was used by the FBI.

  7. Poetry says:

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