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The name Percy Jones is not a household name, but to the many victims of natural disasters he is a life saver……..

This year Jones is the recipient of the 2010 Technical Innovator Award presented by the Black Congressional Caucus.  Percy Jones is the founder of Water Transit Solutions, a company that supplies ice and water to victims of natural disasters. The company uses machine to machine technology that is capable of monitoring the bulk levels of ice and water remotely. Jones will be presented with the award at the annual legislative conference in Washington by Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

percyjonesjr Atlanta Man To Recieve Congressional Award

Jones company is helping to supply clean water to the people in Haiti.

Since July, AT&T and WTS have worked together to deploy in Haiti a Radio Frequency Identification asset visibility technology to deliver clean water. In Haiti, WTS deploys water tanks and delivery trucks, equipped with AT&T-designed M2M asset tracking technology. With centralized filling stations outside Port au Prince, WTS  works with on-site engineers to map delivery locations throughout Haiti. These delivery trucks hold up to 1,250 gallons of water and  provide an estimated 2,500 people with clean drinking water each day.


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