ron%20walters Dr. Ron Walters Dead

He was an expert on race and politics and was a frequent guest on many talk shows including the ones heard on WAOK.

If you have ever listened to “Powertalk” with Lorraine Jacques White, “Keeping it Real” with Rev. Al Sharpton, “Truthfighters” with Warren Ballentine or “The Bev Smith Show”, you have been witness to the intellectual savvy of Dr. Ron Walters. Walters was a frequent guest on talk shows  where you could hear him comment on issues of race and politics.  The longtime political analyst and scholar at Howard University and the University of Maryland died on Friday night after a long fight with cancer. He was 72.

Walters spent 25 years at Howard before becoming director of the African American Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland. He has written numerous books and articles.

In 1984, Walters served as a deputy campaign manager for the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s presidential bid.

He spent most of his professional life in Washington after earning his master’s degree and Ph.D. in international studies from American University.

Dr. Walters funeral is scheduled for Thursday.


  1. Dr. Betty Nyangoni says:

    Dr. Walters was the epitome of a gentleman and a scholar. We met nearly 50 years ago when he first arrived in Washington, DC. We were faculty colleagues at Howard University and shared mutual friends and connections to Fisk and American Universities. Over the years I followed his career. He was . a prolific writer, a clear thinker and a wise man. He was a beloved and highly respected professor, who served as a shining example for his myriad students. He touched so many lives and will be sorely missed. His legacy will live on through his contributions to African and African American studies, political science, black politics, and his being a truly remarkable human being. Condolences are extended to his wife in this difficult time. We will miss you Ron.

  2. Uncle Tom Bill says:

    I don’t consider him any smarter than any other commentators. Perhaps because one believed in his line of thinking,made him great to them. It would have been interesting if he had really discussed what’s really wrong with the Black community, and how to solve it,besides always blaming someone else!

    1. Andre' Powell says:

      Uncle Tom Bill:

      You need to give it a break. I am more conservative than all the Republican wannabes in the Powertalk audience combined. The key difference is that my conservatism is Red, Black and Green, not Red, White and Blue. No one knows better than I do that no matter who caused the problems in our community, they are ours to solve. A small, not so rhetorical question: if Black is bad, inferior, etc., why do judges in every court in America wear black robes? Professor Walters was a soft-spoken scholar. Another not so rhetorical question: lies about us are called scholarship; how is it that when we tell the truth about others, we’re called hateful? It’s actually rather the opposite. The liars are the haters. People who seek and speak truth are trying to solve problems. I’ll be 63 in four months and I’m yet to meet of hear of anyone who is thankful that anyone ever lied to them about anything, ever. Hummmmmmmm..

  3. V.K. Bullock says:

    I worked with Ron Walters on my first HU projects. He was a friend, fiercely dedicated to issues affecting African Americans and the diaspora. He will be missed.

  4. "V" says:

    So Sorry to hear about Dr. Walters. When I first glanced at his picture on your website, I thought there was an article of him presiding over a seminar. I was shocked to read that he passed away this past Friday. For the last few years, I have been working on a book of prominent African Americans. Every time I try to close out the book, I can’t because there’s always another name to add. Now I have to enter another name. This time, with much sadness, I will be entering Dr. Walters. May he rest in peace.

  5. Edwinia Paden-Johnson says:

    To Dr. Walters family my prays are with you, I only saw him on TV, I enjoyed hearing him speak. He will be missed

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