blackmarriage4 Too Much Truth Recap: Polygamy in America

Do you agree with having more than one spouse at one time? One of our favorite listeners explains why polygamy may be a reaction in 2010. And BOY did they react! Click MORE for the interview…polygamy1 Too Much Truth Recap: Polygamy in America

  1. Shabba says:

    We as people of African decent have allowed the European culture to cloud our judgement. They don’t even practice what they preach with all of the womanzing that they do, all of the outside children that are not taken care of and the attorneys/courts who stand to make money off of this situation

    We all need to get back to our Khemetic centered belief and not follow our oppressors who don’t know what marriage is all about. One of the main reason we as blk people are having such difficulty with our relationships, we have followed these caucasoids and a custom alien to us when it comes to marriage and family…

  2. Charlene C. Royal says:

    Sister Sankofa, you hit the nail on the head. If men want to practice polygamy they should practice it in the traditional manner. If they marry more than one woman, they should be prepared to financially take care of the entire household. The women should all be homemakers. I’m sure that that in itself would preclude many men from pursuing that type of marriage
    ( too expensive ).
    I suppose that if a man could afford to support two or more wives and the resulting children, he would be happy with the arrangement. However, the women would not feel the same way ( in most instances) IMHO.
    I am exposed to many people from foreign countries on a daily basis. I teach English as a Second Language to adults. I have asked MANY OF THE WOMEN ( from foreign countries ) involved in polygamist marriages if they like the arrangement.
    Without exception, they turn their noses up, smirk and say that it is not good for the woman. They say that they DON’T like it.

    Too, too often families ( women and children ) are abandoned neglected by husbands and fathers in America. I think that, as a community, we need to work on strengthening established families rather than entertain the idea of polygamist relationships.

    Traditionally, in ancient Africa, polygamy existed for the benefit of widowed women. The wives and children of men lost
    in battle were absorbed into another family. These are different times and we live in the United States. Polygamy is not legal. I am happy that it isn’t for the reasons I stated previously.
    Also, I know that many men stray from their relationships. But not all of them do so. They can control themselves if they want to. Many men don’t want to. I think they want their cake and they want to eat it too, simply because they can.

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