Rapper Tupac Shakur and heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson were two of the most controversial figures of their time–it’s no surprise that they were also close friends.

In a documentary on ESPN, Tyson speaks about his friendship with Tupac, who was shot and killed in 1996 after attending a Tyson fight.  Tyson says he and Tupac became close when the boxer was imprisoned in 1992 for rape. Tyson says Tupac would call or send a message regularly.

Tyson says one thing they had in common was that neither felt they could trust people – even those in their closest

Tyson said he always felt like he should take some of the blame for Tupac’s death because the rapper was in Las Vegas to see him fight when he was shot on September 7,  1996.  Tupac died less than a week later on September 13,  1996.

  1. Shabba says:

    Tupac was setup by the Jews who controlled the music industry. He was becoming more conscious about the poison being put out to his community and they did not like that. Look at the so called east-west feud that was started by these reptillian jews to sell more records, causing the death of Tupac and later Biggie Smalls.

    Check out the lecture series by Prof Griff of Public Enemy, Blk Dot, and all of the others who were not sellout like Puffy, Jay-z, Kanye and the list goes on. I will not buy any records or go to any concerts to fatten these jokers pockets. Look also at what happened to Michael Jackson, when you become awake to what these snakes are doing and will no longer play the game, they will kill you. I’m waiting for the shoe to fall on Jay-z, Beyonce, Rihanna and all ot the other sellouts to the blk race. We will always have people who prefer to sell themselves for money rather than uplift their people…

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