t1larg obama speech pool President Obama Says "It's Time to Turn the Page"

In his second address from the Oval Office, President Obama formally ended the U.S. combat role in Iraq after 7 years.

Pres. Barack Obama said Tuesday night 4,400 lives were lost in the combat mission in Iraq and its now time to change America’s role in the region. More in this report from the Associated Press.
  1. Shabba says:

    Obama is a war monger just like his cousins Cheney, and Bush; that is the reason he did not want to seek war crimes charges against them, because he will be looking at the same charges when he leaves office. Drone bombings in Afghan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen; allowing Israel to blowup things and cover for them, and giving tax payers money to the military industrial complex.

    He has put all these so called European Jews in charge off all the finances from the Fed Reserve Bernanke, Treasury Geithner, and IRS Shulman, his cabinet has more white men and women in it that blacks, he has practically handed over the keys to the bank vault to Wall Street and the money changer jews. He friends are all jews, from Axelrod his adviser, to all of his big money doners. You black folk who are so fooled with his charming smile and rhetoric, while he is busy knifing us in the back.

    All schooling and public housing has been turn over to private corp under his watch, the news media made sure to keep out of the press that while he was in New Orleans using a Blk HBCU Xavier as his back drop, there was a public housing protect in St Bernard Parish about the turning over of New Orleans Public housing to Warren Buffet, Mr money bags himself and Odrama best friend and financial adviser.

    When the hell are you blk folks going to wake up and see this phoney for who he is? He gave Elena Kagan another jew, a position on the Supreme court, now we have a total of 3 jews on the high court. 1/3 of the court is made up of jews, and no blks when these people are less that 10% of the total population. I’m not claiming Clarence Thomas. What does this tell you about this so called black man? Susan Rice the UN Amb who is married to a white man, is trying to finish the genocide in Africa by starving the people, because they will not want gay rights as part of their aid for food packet. Gays are not natural to african society, only European. We are trying to spread that poison (gays) into Africa and Asia as a condition for them receiving aid. These are the types of blks we’re producing at these so called high brow institutes that we’re sending our children to Brown, Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. By the way, all of these institutions were started with the proceeds from slavery. Odrama would not know about that, since he is a 1st generation African with no slave blood. Europeans walking around in blk skin. Oh, how well they learn from their masters….

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