sharpton reclaim 1a 103697762 A Tale of Two Rallies in D.C.beck 0828jpg 93740bebd3fc691b large A Tale of Two Rallies in D.C.

Tens of thousands came to Washington Saturday to hear Rev. Al Sharpton and broadcaster Glenn Beck deliver two separate messages around the same theme…the speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King 47 years ago. The AP’s Lee Powell reports.

Here is the Associated Press report

Washington Post provided full coverage of the days events

Washington Post Photo Gallery on Glen Beck’s Rally

Washington Post Photo Gallery of Rev Sharpton’s Reclaim the Dream Rally and March

  1. TRUTH says:

    This is the best ANSWER for US as a PEOPLe or sshall I say it is one of the results since since some of us are so brain washed we need other methods for them. PEACE AND THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL TRUTH TO HELP OUR PEOPLE.

  2. cassandra Norman says:

    Dr. White: I was at the march with Al Sharpton. I was overcome with the number of people who were at the rally and march. I am not even sure if Rev. Al is aware of the vast number of people who were in the parade because he was leading the parade. Rev. Al had given instructions for us to walk four abreast. In my estimation of the crowd there was no less than one hundred thousand people. if we had walked four abreast, it would have taken us far over into the night to get to the site where the memorial is being built.The crowd was actually walking not four abreast, but spread across the whole wide street. The crowd was so huge that by the time Martin III speech ended and we were leaving, people who were at the end were just arriving. I was very moved at the turn out. I cannot say how many people were at Glen Beck’s rally, I only saw some of them as we were coming in the capitol area. I never saw them collectively as I saw us collectively,

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