fantasia on stage Fantasia says "She Had Enough"!

Listen to what she had to say to Robin Roberts this morning on “Good Morning America”

The American Idol winner stopped by Good Morning America, where she performed songs off her new album, Back to Me, and opened up to Robin Roberts about her past struggles and what—and who—exactly, saved her from a near-fatal OD.

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Her new CD “Back to Me” is out in stores today….She will be featured tonight on “Behind the Music” on VH1 and she will be at “For Sisters Only” this year. September 11 and 12 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

  1. WHO ME says:

    The caucasions-seed of Cain worship Lord Lucifer and in the Luciferian religion human sacrifice is a (must). Those in the music and entertainment business or the easiest targets because of their desperation to escape generational poverty.

    If we really took a critical look at the business called the Music Industry and the staggering numbers of those who have been murdered (human sacrificed) the Media said some commited suicide, we would never encourage our children to be involved in such a wicked profession where drugs, alcohol, slavery, MK ultra mind control as well as homosexual and lesbian sex are the price they pay for the elusive lie that they will be made STARS.
    Africans were kidnapped by those calling themselves whites and brought to the New World for four reasons only. Eugenics Research, Sex Slaves, Generational Labor and Human Sacrifice and these four objectives have continued unhindered and rarely discussed up to this very day. Negroes are still unwilling to accept are even acknowledge this truth and those Negroes who know the truth are called Boul`e. They are paid well and are allowed to live well in Rome (america is an extension of the HRE) as long as they keep, “The Kings Secret” of this agenda away from the unsuspecting black population that there is (no freedom) for them as long as they live with the whites.

    The Black Boul`e are paid to get targeted Blacks to accept amalgamation and not seek to ever rule themselves and have their own anything which is nothing more than race annihilation.
    The permanent underclass condiition of Blacks is not accidental nor is it genectic. It is purposefully created and strategically maintained by those I have mentioned here. Go White Power!

  2. Shabba says:

    I never cared much for Fantasia. The most talented of the American Idol waas Jennifer Hudson, she did not win but her career has streched much farther than any of the so called winners. fantasia need to go sit down somewhere and start by removing those tatoos from her body. She is looking like an has been Whore…

  3. SaraDean says:

    Attending For Sisters Only? Finish your weekend with Fantasia LIVE at Club Insomnia Sunday 9/12 hosted by Greg Street. Everyone FREE all night. $5 top shelf drink specials. Only at Insomnia 4855 Old National Hwy. Call 404-389-0502 for VIP guest list

  4. WHO ME says:

    Jennifer Hudson had to offer a human sacrifice (her family) to get the fame she has gotten. Just like Toney Dungy, Bill Cosby, Micheal Jordan, Queen Latifah, Martin L King, Damon Dash, Nelli, Luther Vandross, Bob Abram, Mike Tyson, Venus & Serena Williams ect… This is known as the Abraham ritual were you MUST make a sacrifice in order to get something from GOD.

    Others who break their oath or covenant or just outright killed like they did Steve McNair, Lerenzen Wright, Octavia Butler, William Cooper, Kahlid Muhammed, Johnny Cochrane, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, Martin Luther King and many many others. Some even agree to have a body part cut off or disfigured as in the case of Sammy Davis Jr. who agreed to have his eye put out in order to join the Luciferian Rat Pac that included Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lewis.

    We can plainly see that negroes have never been in the dark about how they must have wealth in this country and there is blood on all of our hands if we have supported (any) of the people named above or whom ever is a part of this Dark Occult Order. Go Wht Power!

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