harolddow CBS Correspondent Harold Dow Dies

He did the first interview with O.J. Simpson after the Nicole Simpson trial and worked on 48 Hours.

Harold Dow, a longtime correspondent for the CBS hit show ‘48 Hours,’ died suddenly Saturday morning in New Jersey. He was 62. No cause of death has been announced as of yet.

Dow began working with CBS almost four decades ago in 1972, spending ten years in Los Angeles before relocating to New York to co-anchor the ‘The CBS Nightly News,’ ‘Sunday Morning,’ and the legal magazine ‘Verdict.’

In 1986 he was a featured correspondent on a special entitled ‘48 Hours on Crack Street,’ which led to the creation of ‘48 Hours,’ in 1988. Dow became a full time correspondent for the show in 1990.

Dow won five Emmys and a Peabody Award for a report about runaways. In addition, he was recently given accolades by the National Association of Black Journalists for his report about civil right leader Medger Evers.

Here is more on the life and death of Harold Dow.



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