I’m sure we have all heard enough about Talk Show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger dropping the “N” word on her show earlier this week. Well she has since apologized.  She says that “was wrong” and that she “made a horrible mistake” in doing so.  Schlessinger also says she pulled herself off the air at the end of the hour.  Reverend Al Sharpton ain’t buying it!

The controversy began Tuesday, when an African-American woman called in asking how she should deal with racially insensitive comments from her white husband’s friends and family members.  The conversation quickly became a heated argument about whether using the n-word is ever OK, and Schlessinger repeated it several times.

  1. Reggie says:

    I am not buying this woman’s apology in the least bit. It lacks sincerity and genuiness, especially when you listen to her willful intent to use and say the word over and over again.

    This was something she has been wanting to speak on for a long time and this poor unsuspecting woman gave her the opportunity to do so. Even when the black lady was trying to guide the conversation back to what she had originally called for this Dr. Laura would not concede the conversation and continued to cajole the woman with the word. So based on that, Dr. Laura apology is not sincere.
    As far as I am concerned she said what she meant and she meant what she said…she should stick to that because she has revealed who she really is and will be treated as such.

  2. mojajoca says:

    She a goodie two shoes that knows what advice to give to everyone else – seems like she needs someone to give her some advice . What a fake! Racist! Don’t listen to her currently and wont listen to her in the future. Pure Racist

  3. WHO ME says:

    Have always admired the wisdom of Dr. Laura and it appears that she slipped out of Dr. pyscologist mode and just spoke her OWN PERSONAL opinion. She was not sypathectic 2 this blk womans dilemma and the ? is should she have been or should she BE HERSELF, like she (always is) and tell the black and white naked truth. The call also could have been a set up just 2 show the other side of the popular conservative Dr. whos callers are mostly of her own race. Maybe this woman thought she was wht becuz her husband is. Whatever!

    I thought the $*#t was hiiiilarious. I had to cover my mouth at work to keep from lol watchin CNN in the brk room. Blks who think they are some how sheltered from racism just bcuz they date or marry wht or just genectically clueless and need real wht folks 2 give their blk azzes a good wake up call like she got. lol lol lmao These blk men w/wht women are gonna get theirs 2 just like Tiger whos new name is tadpole woods lol lol. Just like M Jackson these mens wealth always end up with massah or his daughter. OMG these negro-no-lites they get what they get and I dont feel a bit sorry for none of them. Go Wht Power!

  4. Jeff says:

    I’m not a fan of Dr. Lura. She has an attitude. I did listen to the sound track and quid it up to 1:42 into the track as suggested by WAOK. It sounded like she was using the “N” work malicious. And she was dead wrong. I then listened to the whole track so as not to have a situation like we did a few weeks ago. As much as I had to cut Dr. Lura slack she didn’t use the “N” word maliciously! It was used to describe how blacks speak so it was not at all done to harm anyone. I was clear to me!

  5. Joe says:

    Blown way out of proportion. The woman made a sincere apology. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s as a teen. More African Americans called themselves the “N” word than I can even remember. Get Sharpton and Jackson involved and it ends up a racial thing. Why didn’t either of these men meet with her? Was she stupid? Yes. Did she make a big mistake? Yes. Move on people. Agree or disagree with her program she has helped hundreds of thousands of people. All of you vigilantes should search your own selves and ask if you have ever made a mistake. Of course you have. Were you forgiven? I guess to be forgiven was good for you but apparently you don’t pass it on. Sad 😦

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