jackson1 Suspect in Toe Typing Case Arrested!!!

Atlanta Police capture suspect after he used his victim’s ATM Card and now faces multiple charges…

amy windom 370x2781 Suspect in Toe Typing Case Arrested!!!Atlanta police have made an arrest in the toe typing case from earlier this week.

39-year-old Amy Windom, told police she was able to persuade Dontavius Jackson not to steal her laptop and later used her toes to email her boyfriend for help after she was robbed and bound in her SE Atlanta home.

Deborah Cox of the Atlanta police department says they were able to identify Jackson after he made the mistake of using Windom’s ATM card.


Jackson faces several charges including armed robbery, aggravated assault, & false imprisonment in connection with the case. His court appearance is scheduled for this morning at 11 a.m.

  1. I hate idiots says:

    Give him 30 years to think about it.

    1. A Titus Man, Inc. says:

      @ I hate idiots you have know idea why this kid did what he did or what his intelligence level is. Just because he made a bad decision, he does not deserve 30yrs. “Hell we all have made bad decisions maybe not to this magnitude”. Is it right? NO! of course not but giving him 30yrs. is not the answer and it’s defintely not going to help this kid or any of our kids that get caught up in the jurisdiction system. He needs guidance, growth and development. Instead of throwing our kids into prison throw them into our mentor program so that we can train and develop them into the Titus Men they are meant to be.

      “Chocies make consequences”. He chose wrong.


  2. A Titus Man, Inc. says:

    pardon my typo should be (Choices)

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