gayle king pic The Gayle King Show July 29

Essence Magazine has hired a white fashion editor.  What do you think about that?

Gayle had a great discussion with the listeners about the Essence Magazine controversy.

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  1. S. El says:

    Revised: 16th day of November, 2009
    Ex Rel means an ex-relationship regarding information, associated with the straw construct of the birth certificate nomen (name). It can ONLY be presented or argued by either the Attorney General or one who is of a Natural Status (In Propria Persona), a Flesh and Blood Natural Being, which means one would HAVE to be in their Natural Status, one who has Declared thneir Nationality. This brings life to the Prophetic Statement by Noble Drew Ali, wherein, he said “If you don’t do anything else, Declare your Nationality.”, since he had already Proclaimed it for the Nation. After doing so, you can begin to fight these insubordinate Constructs, and violations made against you, which are outside of the Law. Presenting Ex Rel DOES NOT void your Proper Natural / National, Flesh and Blood Status! The Natural / In Propria Persona Status presentment in Court, is the only condition wherein you can present or argue Ex Rel of the Straw-man, because it (the straw) in itself cannot present or argue for itself, because it (the straw) is a corporate construct on paper, it is a Corporate Person — it is not a Natural Person, not a Natural Flesh and Blood being. It is a fiction that cannot speak for itself. Frankly, if you don’t speak for it, they will, and that is exactly what they have been doing. Ex Rel IS the Lawful Remedy (NO DOUBT) to refrain them from using it against you in the Court.
    In a Court of Law everything is based on Information. Hence: Verbal exchanges (Speaking), Answers, Submission of Documents or Writs (Affidavits of Fact) which express or impart information, and Writs of Discovery, which ask questions that are in need of being Answered by the Court before the court can lawfully proceed. And lastly the “Sentence”, grammatical phrase applied to information, whether written or spoken. Contempt of Court, usually based on what you say and do (or don’t say or do) and how you say it, or do it. Not to say they (Demos) necessarily has respect for these facts, because in reality they have contempt for you before you even get there. However, it is incumbent upon us all to enforce the Law. And, at this time especially, to eradicate the already falling institution of lies and deceit of the psuedo court rooms, and of the Law, as well to protect ourselves and teach our babies of the coming generations, how to do the same. Our BIGGEST WEAPON is the Truth (information), and the concern for us is the method in getting the Truth to the masses, of which Newspapers, Radio, World Wide Web (www Internet, Television Media, Classes, etc., is, at this time, the venue(s) for doing so.
    The purpose or point of information exchange in the courtroom is for them (the court(s) of public opinion and lawful authority) to bring what is supposed to be justice or remedy to the Body standing before it, whether that Body is presented as Flesh and Blood or re-presented as a Straw. (Of course the straw has limited justice and remedy, as it has privileges–not Rights, thus it plays into the “Color” game of “Color-Of Law” [a semblance of Law–not the real] for “Colored” People. The information that comes across leads to the sentencing (words, information). There is supposed to be an injured party, that you have injured, before you get there. However, usually it is not present, because they usually base their injury on fictitious corporations that don’t speak and can’t speak. Then they tell you, you have made some injury to “Santa Claus”, which is a fiction that can’t be injured. This is one of the ways they have usurped and corrupted the “Justice system”. With knowledge of the difference between a FLesh and Blood Natural Being, and a Fiction Corporate Person, Ex Rel is effective, as it admits to having information in regards to that fiction that cannot speak for itself. It makes you the Authorized Representative properly, without bonds, ties or contracts. That fiction has been what you have been saying is you, therefore allowing your being to take the hit for fictitious charges on a fictitious entity. Ex Rel is, by its very definition, in regards to information, and it is the lawful remedy regarding any information associated with the Straw. Ex Rel is how you lawfully “stop” them from using the straw against you, therefore they must address you in your Proper Status. Being in your proper status is the only condition that can present Ex Rel. Coming in Proper Status, as a National, Moorish National, supersedes their corporate jurisdiction. A National is the highest ranking “citizen”, who is attached to the land aboriginal and indigenous, not to the States / Corporations. The States / Corporations are foreigners. Nationals are not foreigners, and can never be foreigners in their own land, therefore we ought not ever address ourselves as foreigners. We address them as foreigners. (See Chapter 47 of the Circle 7 Koran). As a National, and when operating under proper Protocols, you have Consuls and Ministers who can speak on your behalf (See Article III, section 2 and 3 of the Constitution). Therefore, Consuls and Ministers must be in place for a Nation. They are “Amicus Curae”, meaning they enter the Court as friends of the Court. However, they cannot be friends of a Court that has no Jurisdiciton and Authority. Unity is Nationhood. What we need to do as a Nation is educate the people (those who resonate to) being Consuls and Ministers. While that is being done, you, yourself can Ex Rel the Straw. Now that is just the truth regarding it, and your relationship to it, which is Ex Relatione (Ex Rel). Failure to present Ex Rel, allows the state corporations to act as Power Of Attorney over the Straw.
    The State Corporations have been acting as Power of Attorney over the straw, and speaking for it, because someone must. Those who have answered to it have agreed to be the straw, the fiction, and a fiction cannot speak for itself, hence, they push Attorneys on you to speak for you. Therefore you must approach it from your Proper Natural Being Status. In Law terms it is “In Propria Persona”. It is time, rather past time, for us to get into Proper Status, and take the position of Power Of Attorney over the Straw. This does not mean you own it, or that it is you. Having this Proper Lawful understanding clears up the mis-concept that one can “capture it”, copyright it, Sue people for using it, etc. You can Sue one for addressing YOU incorrectly in Lawful matters. Essentially that is what Ex Rel puts in order, as you must first Ex Rel the straw, and say “I am”…… You cannot own that straw construct, because you did not construct it, and it is not you. As well you cannot Dissolve it because it was not constructed by you, and it is not a contract. It is a negotiable instrument, of which the Straw is derived.
    “It” (the Straw) is not a Natural Person, or a Natural Being — never was. Nor does it represent in anyway, you as a Flesh and Blood Being. It is not a She, it is not a He, it is a corporate construct on paper, that you have been told, and have agreed is you. Just because your Mother and Father named you, they still allowed you to be encapsulated as a straw construct, with that instrument (birth certificate) of negotiation used for, and essentially against, the child. Some are complete with footprints, on a piece of paper with their (state’s) corporate seal, as a mark of authentic ownership, and with your child’s footprints stamped and branded as a quasi-consenting seal. Fresh merchandise from the dock, delivered by the doctor, and counted as merchandise of the corporation. You had no knowledge of the intent, or the adhesions that come with this instrument; as with a contract, even one you consciously made, the moment you find it has adhesions, hidden or non-disclosed purposes, obligations and intent; it becomes immediately VOID. It is not voidable, it is VOID. That is the Law of Contracts.
    It is important and necessary to address the use of the straw instrument as a tool for Power Of Attorney over you, and your child—the Natural Flesh and Blood Being. You must disclaim the Power of Attorney, essentially that is what is operating and working against you, and that is what Ex Rel remedies. If you don’t disclaim it, or rebut it, (which must be done in Proper Status, thus you must declare your Natural / National Status first), then you cannot make the presentment or argument, and they will continue to act as Power Of Attorney over that construct, and over you. This is why they established the constructs in the first place, so they can create negotiable instruments, place burdens, debts and obligations on your behalf, without your knowledge of it.
    Let’s clear up “Argument”. Argument is only utilized here when you are in a situation where they try to stop you from using Ex Rel, as if they don’t know what it is. Maybe they don’t. Yet, is not your job to school them, certainly not to suffer at their hands because of thier lack, as they are ‘deemed to know Law.
    Owen v. Independence, 100 S.C.T. 1398, 445 US 622
    “Officers of the court have no immunity, when violating a Constitutional right, from liability. For they are deemed to know the law.”

    They attempt to hinder you because; 1. most of these quais-courts are not used to hearing you present law. 2. They want you to remain on their course of capturing you and having jurisdiction over you, as that is how they keep bread and butter on their plate, whic goes against their duties to uphold the law, and protect the unalienable rights of the people. Obviously they are contrary to their sworn obligations.
    Argument: In rhetoric and logic, an inference drawn from premises, the truth of which is indisputable, or at least highly probable.
    The first straw that was created was the negro, colored, black, etc. Since we did not buck about that, they got better at effectuating their intent. They speak for us through these straw constructs, as a negro, colored, black, etc. Anyone who accepts labels, has only privileges, they do not have Rights. Someone needs to speak for them. This is what an Attorney is. He is an Officer of the Court, who brings you to the Court and Leaves you there. Thus the Court immediately has Leave (Jurisdiction) over you. Attorneys are Bounty Hunters with a Suit and tie on. The definition of the Lawful term “In Propria Persona” (In Proper Person-Status) is as follows:
    In Propria Persona: In one’s own proper person. It was formerly a rule in pleading that pleas to the jurisdiction of the court must be plead in propria persona, because if pleaded by attorney they admit the jurisdiction, as an attorney is an officer of the court, and he is presumed to plead after having obtained leave, which admits the jurisdiction.
    Let us not get confused, or allow anyone to confuse us with the difference of Natural Person and Corporate Person, or Flesh and Blood Being, In Full Life, of which we are that from the moment of birth, a spiritual being, manifested in the flesh. However, in Law, there are two types of “Persons”. The Natural (Flesh and Blood) and the Corporate Person (fiction). So it is important to know when one is saying Person, which one they are speaking of. When one is being highly spiritual, they identify themselves In Full Life, Flesh and Blood, a Natural Being, which in Court would be a Natural Person, as opposed to a Corporate Person. One who is “In Propria Persona”, sets the stage for who has jurisdiction, if any, over the Person (Personum Jurisdiction).
    This is a well oiled wheel, however upon knowing the logistics and components of it, you can navigate through it, around it, and out of it. If you do not correct your status then you cannot make these presentments regarding Ex Rel, and defend your natural existence as a Flesh and Blood Being. It is erroneously in reverse, because the Proper Natural Status or Natural Being (You) is seen under the lawful term as “Civil Liter Mortus”, (dead in the eyes of the Law), because of his failure to speak for himself in his Proper status. Essentially many of the arguments brought to the Court are a Straw in themselves (dead issues). So a straw is more than just the name on the birth certificate, created as a tool or instrument that robs the natural and unalienable rights (birthrights) of the child. Once you have declared that you are in your Proper Status, essentially you are able to take Power of Attorney over these instruments, and matters, and be the “authorized Representatiave for the Straw, without voiding your Proper Status, and without owning or being the corporate construct; instead of continuing to allow the corporate states to be the authorized representative who works against you, seeing you as collateral, and who acts as Power of Attorney speaking on your behalf. You must be the Authorized Representative of the straw, so that they are not. Authorized means permission, directive, possessed of legal or rightful power. Representative is one who stands in the place of another. They are calling the birth certificated construct (paper) to the forum (which cannot speak). You are well aware that it cannot present itself, nor can it re-present. Thus you need to have an Attorney to speak for you. Thus, you represent it, but it is not you, and you are not it. You are a flesh and blood being “In Full Life, and you are not “Civil Liter Mortus”. The definition of “Civil Liter Mortus” and “In Full Life”, are as follows:
    Civil Liter Mortus: Civilly dead; dead in the view of the law. The condition of one who has lost his civil rights and capacities, and is accounted dead in law.

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