cheer Are Cheerleaders Athletes?

A judge recently ruled that competitive cheerleading isn’t a sport!!!

A federal judge has ruled cheerleading cannot be classified as a sport by universities to meet gender equity requirements to comply with U.S. Title Nine.  The ruling by the federal judge stems from a class action suit on behalf of female athletes at Quinnipiac University, located in Connecticut.  Last year, the university announced it was cutting women’s volleyball, men’s golf and men’s outdoor track and replacing them with varsity cheerleading as a new sport.

Nancy Hogshead-Makar, a law professor and former college athlete, explains what Quinnipiac University had been doing to maintain good standing under the federal law.

The school was making the move to meet gender-equity requirements.

Here is a picture of the Quinnipiac University Cheerleading Team

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  1. CAH says:

    I’m not reading this ..mainly because I am a Black woman with a Black daughter and more Black nieces than male and you a black radio station is sooo insensitive to my presence you use a Caucasian team to tell this story…”hate radio” comes in ALL forms. WAKE UP BLACK MEDIA start representing US! THINK!
    IMAGE IS 90% OF THE STORY just ask andrew breitbart.

  2. Mori says:

    who cares : in the south like HS football is a part of life
    here in NY I don’t know too many people who care

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