One day after a judge refused to intervene in a dispute over the validity of her petition signatures, Mary Norwood has apparently pulled the plug on her independent campaign for chairman of the Fulton County Commission. NOT SO FAST!

Former Atlanta city councilwoman Mary Norwood

There is new information today (Saturday) that Norwood is still in the race and plans to be out campaigning with supporters at the Peachtree Road Race and other locations over the 4th of July weekend. Confused???? Me too. Here is a link to the latest press release from the Norwood campaign.

Earlier Story…..

Norwood did not qualify as an independent candidate before Friday’s noon deadline. Earlier in the week, Norwood talked about the importance of getting her signatures to count on the petition so she could qualify to run against Commissioner John Eaves.

Norwood’s the second candidate to pull the plug on an independent bid. Ray Boyd, a real estate executive, backed out of the governor’s race on Sunday — citing Georgia’s very stiff ballot access laws. Norwood lost a close race for Mayor of Atlanta to Kasim Reed.

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    Faithfully Submitted,
    Anthony Joseph Hopkins
    Dayton, Ohio

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