If you are going to be out visiting friends and neighbors and enjoying the holiday Please…Please…Please arrange to have a designated driver.

trooper1 Get a Designated Driver....Please

Georgia State Patrol will have checkpoints set up to catch those who break the law for your safety and mine

Georgia State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies are planning to turn up the heat on speeders and impaired drivers during the 78-hour Independence Day weekend, which ends at midnight Sunday. Bob Dallas, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS), said troopers will be on the road in extra strength this weekend to enforce the state’s Operation Zero Tolerance on drunk driving. “Arrange for a sober driver before you start drinking,” Dallas advised. “You can also help prevent tragedies by making sure you and your passengers are buckled up.” A new state law now requires drivers and passengers in pickup trucks to wear seat belts.

State lawmakers estimate 18 people will die in traffic accidents this holiday weekend.

While drunk driving fatalities over the July 4th holiday have declined 40 percent since 1982,  there’s more work to be done. Make sure designated drivers are part of the celebration this Independence Day and the holiday weekend.

Be safe and have fun and if you find that you can’t drive after your party call Triple AAA.

Anyone, both AAA members and non-members, can call for a ‘Tow to Go’ ride, Friday through Monday, July 2 – 5.

‘Tow to Go’ provides a confidential ride and tow home from any bar or restaurant – free of charge – to anyone who may have had too much to drink by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP (4357).


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