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Damon Evans has officially resigned as the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia.

The official announcement is expected on Monday but the word today is he is out. Evans, the 40 year old Athletic Director of UGA who was making close to 400 thousand dollars a year, married, and the father of two children has lost his job and all respect from his students, coaches, alumni and fans.  For what? Having some martinis, getting behind the wheel of his BMW with a 28 year old white female “friend” with no panties on and driving who knows where to do who knows what.

Read the whole story from the AJC here…..


Now answer the question

  1. Janet says:

    With consideration to his role and level of responsibility, i don’t think that the decision makers had any choice. Had the infraction been for DUI only, I may not feel as strongly;however, the nature of his behavior is unethical and irresponsible to most of all his family and secondly to the students.

  2. Venus says:

    That was a pretty much done deal. Its open season for black men in powerful positions. The DUI alone was bad enough, but the female passenger, red panties? Too much bad press for the University. They had no choice. He was supposed to be a role model for goodness sakes. The PSA he did about drinking also killed it for him….you drink, you drive, you lose…they had to make him practice what he preached. Oh, well, another brotha down for the count for making yet another DUMB azz decision. My question to him is…what it really worth it?

  3. Tony B says:

    Stupid is as stupid does…when you make that much money and to be the first black director for UGA he should have know better. I’m a black man and have no pity for the fool. Now look at him on back of the bus.

    1. Stephanie says:

      I totally agree with you Tony B! I am so tired of our black men pretending that they don’t know better. They know that it doesn’t take much to have them loose the positions that they work so hard to get. And still…..they do stupid things and place themselves in stupid predicaments! Oh well….let enjoy the back of the bus!

  4. Sisley says:

    Some of you might want to compare the contract of Damon Evans’ predecessor Vince Dooley.


    While Damon Evans prepares for his new position as athletic director in July, his contract remains under negotiation.

    Evans and University President Michael Adams signed a Memorandum of Understanding Dec. 18, creating a blueprint for Evans’ contract — which includes a base salary of $250,000 that exceeds his predecessor Vince Dooley and is comparable to other schools in the Southeastern Conference.

    The memo, which was obtained by The Red & Black last week, states Evans will receive a $50,000 bonus plus other incentives, including “insurance (medical, health and life) automobile, club and other customary University and athletic benefits.”

    Adams selected Evans last month from a pool of three candidates after he decided not to renew Dooley’s contract last summer.

    Tom Landrum, executive assistant to the president, said the offer “was an effort to simplify the approach.”

    “The (memo) represents an approach that contemplates a single salary figure on a yearly basis without any additional payment from other sources such as radio, television and bowl bonuses,” Landrum said.

    Athletic Director Vince Dooley’s current contract lists a base salary of $214,925, but also includes $85,000 in radio and television compensations, $13,500 bonuses for bowl bonuses and $4,500 for subsistence.

    Evans’ offer does not include other possible sources of income aside from his base salary, nor does it mention details for providing him with a car.

    According to Dooley’s contract, he is provided “a car of (his) choosing every two years” and is also allotted $800 for annual maintenance expenditures such as gas, insurance and oil.

    Dooley could not be reached for comment Monday.

    At other universities, such as the University of Mississippi, Athletic Director Pete Boone receives two courtesy cars for his use, said John Hartwell, associate athletic director of finance.

    Hartwell also said Boone, an athletic director for five years, has a base salary of $225,000, although he said he was unsure of bonuses mentioned in his contract.

    The athletic director at the University of Florida, Jeremy Foley, makes a base salary of $238,453, said Zach Higbee, assistant director of sports information.

    Foley has been athletic director since March 1992.

    Higbee said he could not comment on the bonuses Foley receives, or if Florida provides him a house or car.

    Evans said he would not be getting a house.

    “We’ve come up with the (memo) to serve more as a guideline,” he said. “I feel comfortable where we are.”

    Evans said he was uncertain when a contract would be drawn-up and signed, but said it would be “sooner rather than later.”

    Evans said in February he plans to examine the workings of other institution’s athletic departments and is interested in visiting programs at Stanford, Ohio State University and the University of Texas.

    “I think there needs to be a good balance between academics and athletics,” he said. “You don’t focus on one without the other.”

  5. Sisley says:

    Read the police report. Old girl Courtney thought Damon was going to get away with his DUI. Damon cries like a baby while trying the officer he was not trying to bribe him. Damon actually thought the officer would take him to a motel. WHAT AN IDIOT!

    It is a good read! Very funny!

  6. Courtney says:

    Courtney would like her red panties back! Courtney will lose her job at the asset management company on Peachtree Rd. I hope his wife Kerri Evans divorces him FAST!

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