102586990 Ghana Still Strong in the World Cup UPDATE!

Ghana Loses a Heartbreaker!

This is an update to a previous post about Ghana’s participation in the World Cup. Unfortunately, Ghana lost a heartbreaker to Uruguay this afternoon in sudden death. More details to come. Bottom line Uruguay moves on…..Ghana goes home.

Previous post:

World Cup fever continues in Atlanta even though the USA team was eliminated last weekend.  Ghana, the youngest squad at the  World Cup, is carrying the hopes of a continent into the quarterfinal against Uruguay. Of the unprecedented six African teams at the tournament, only Ghana made it past the opening round. The Black Stars, whose average age is 24.1, would become the region’s first-ever semifinalist by winning at Soccer City near Soweto.

In this report from the Associated Press we see that Ghana suporters are ready to cheer their team on.


Here in Atlanta I spoke to Reuben Darku of the Ghana Council of Georgia who was very excited about his team still competing in the World Cup.

Ghana plays Uruguay Friday. Does anyone have an extra vuvuzela????


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