History did not repeat in one of the most anticipated games during the World Cup.

usa2 display image U.S. vs England UPDATE: 1 1

u.s. vs england

The wife of former South African President Nelson Mandela talks about why having the World Cup in SA is so important to her country

The end result…a 1-1 tie


See you on Friday at the next game. USA! USA!

  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    Disturbing the Peace
    I am very sorry for this!! I had always thought that each person who has been officially rested in peace is entitled to a proper burial. I really feel that each of these people who are responsible should be prosecuted or punished for this crime. This is a crime itself. I just feel that if someone disturbs the peace of those who have already left us and had gone to a better place other than the hell inside of this earth should get into trouble. I know if I were the people involved in this situation, I would be entitled to an investigation to find out officially what is going on and do something about it now.

  2. Anthony Hopkins says:

    So Called Friends   This is a report on so called friends. Let’s take a look at what we mean by so called friends. What do we mean by this, a so called friend is one who cannot be trusted? This person is one who is deceptive, no truthful, and insincere. This is a person that you might have trusted in the past, but the loyalties and allegiances have drastically declined. This is because this person might have done something that you did not like. For instance, when someone lies directly in front of your face about a specific subject, yes it hurts, but you move on. I will pray for you, but I have to survive and make it. Here in Dayton, Ohio, I realize that the people as well as the city itself have changed. This is because a lack of opportunities when it pertains to jobs. Another reason is because the people have become selfish in their ways and they refuse to communicate in ways that are positive. I have notice this during the past few months. This is because they are only focusing on themselves and their own issues. I am doing the same, however, there are times when I have asked important questions to the same so called friends about certain subject matters, but I get shut down. I do not worry about it because these people were not truthful then and they are not truthful right now. I understand Matthew 6:3, which states that never let your left hand know what the right hand is doing. This means never tell anyone your personal business unless it is necessary. Furthermore, I guess people in this town have changed so much that they are emotionally suppressed because they want to. I am not a person that will tell others what to do, unless I have children of my own. As far as grown people are concerned, it is best for mature men and women to make observations to those that they can trust. I am an advocate of the truth and what is right. At least I am speaking about it. I can speak to these so called friends directly to their face. I have always been outspoken and maybe this is the reason why others are afraid. I am one who is not afraid to share and express my personal feelings to anyone. I take a bold approach to doing things. Now, these so called friends that I am referring to are those who are currently living here in Dayton, Ohio and are hiding information that is important to me. I am also including certain family members as well. I know that the only way that someone can get the truth out of others is by handling things in a legal setting. This is not a problem for me because I will exercise that right immediately if I have to. I am going to tell you that since the year 2000, Dayton, Ohio has changed dramatically and drastically. During the past 10 years, this town has lost a great deal of people. This is because many have died and or left the city for employment or personal reasons. This is because of a strong decline in community as well as issues that pertain to relationships with family members or with significant others. A fractured family or relationship is one that does not last. This means that the issue is serious. The fractured family and relationship is one that is extremely toxic because of communication problems as well as issues pertaining to substance abuse, communication problems, family disorders, as well as issues that is related parenting in the family. Child rearing practices that are poor in nature as well as issues that are pertaining to dealing with family needs is a problem in fractured families. In my own family alone, my half brother Dustin and I have not spoken to each other since August 19, 1994. This was on the same day that my great grandmother’s funeral. We got into an altercation over emotions that were expressed during the day before her funeral. This did not make any sense because this had lead to a physical altercation. Currently, he and I do not speak and this is not my fault. As far as the rest of my family members are concerned, we are completely distant and doing our own separate things. We are engaging in activities that are separate and there is not any connection whatsoever. As far as the extended family is concerned, we have not spoken to each other either. There is a great deal of distance and a lack of communication between each of them. Next, we are going to focus on the female defendants who have scammed me out of money. These young ladies are professional liars and deceivers. I am going to say this because I have been conversing with these women on an online basis as well as on the telephone with them for over 3 years. I do not understand why these women continue to tell lies to the authorities and say that they do not know me. I already have what I have in my case against them personally. Therefore, a swift solution will be to handle things in court. I am being professional in my expression and diligent in my actions when it comes to handling things legally through the courts. Since these women are under the advice of a legal counsel, I think it would be best for this person who is representing the females in my legal case to converse with me personally. If there is legal action against me, then I was never notified. I want to let these women know that I have been online with them since July 15, 2007. This is during the time that I was employed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The female defendants were living in scattered locations in the Charlotte, NC area. These women were living in the Hoskins Rd area in Charlotte, NC as well as in the East Harris Boulevard area since March 2, 2008. I am referring to Priscilla Yu Addy, Sharron Addy, Sharon S. Addy, Princess Addy, Priscilla L. Addy, Priscilla M. Addy, Priscilla A. Addy, and Sharon Addy was living in the Roanoke VA area. Mr. Prince Addy at the time was living in the Manassas, VA area and his cousin was living in Alexandria, VA area. Another female defendant by the name of Salamatu Haruna was living in the Baltimore, MD suburbs as well as her male relative Ilyasu Haruna was living in the New York City area. Another relative named Fatima Haruna who is supposed to reside in Nigeria is somewhere living in a city in the State of California. Ms. Riis Sorsah who is residing in a city in the United States has not been located. She is supposed to be in the Atlanta, GA area. However, her whereabouts are unknown at the present time. These women as well as Mr. Joseph Teiko, who name is Mr. Joseph Neii Teiko Tagoe is one who has received money from me during this period. These women as well as the other defendants names are as follows: Elizabeth Abeddo, and Georgina Ampadu are involved in the case. Now, there is one person who is solely responsible for getting all of this mess started. His name is Jeffrey Hendricks. He currently resides in the Charlotte, NC area. He is responsible for dating and having a relationship with the female defendants while being married to his wife, Mrs. Ginger Hendricks. Remember, Priscilla Yu Addy proclaimed that she was living in Accra Ghana during the time all of this had transpired. She had also supposed to have been living in Malaysia. She was supposed to be a member of the Malaysian Dream girls. She was supposed to be a dissident of Malaysia, but who is this mystery Priscilla Yu Addy, she is a relative of the female defendants in the case. Mr. Hendricks had been in contact with the female defendants for an extended period of time. This is because he is still romantically involved with these women in the case. I do not understand why these female defendants as well as Mr. Hendricks would lie to the authorities by saying that they do not know me. I have been nice enough to send these women and their family member’s money and this is the thanks that I am receiving from them. This is messed up!!! I guess when one who does God’s Work and is being truthful about it, like they say, what goes around comes around. This is called karma. Karma is a universal band of energy that has either a positive or negative affect on human behavior. I understand that these female defendants ha
    ve engaged in behaviors that are inappropriate by disrespecting their own current husbands and or significant others by engaging in an online relationship with another man or men. What I am saying is this, why bother being online using Yahoo Messenger or being online period if you are married or involved in a relationship period. Now, these people are entitled to make any motion or pleas to the courts by denying any involvement in my case. This is their choice and their choice alone. I am sticking to what I have as evidence and what I have as evidence is concrete. This means that I will have to send the entire family to court to make sure that all of those involved step up and be honest in a court of law. Therefore, these people are so called friends because they are deceptive and they are living inside of a sea of lies. I do understand that these women are liars, deceivers, romance scammers, but the fact remains why would you use your relatives email address to communicate with others as well as their phone numbers to make phone calls to men all over the world. Using the Vonage phone account as well as any other phone numbers that are international to communicate with as well as email contacts online is your method of attracting other men and the men that you are involved with right now. The so called friends in the Dayton, Ohio area that I had grew up with since 1972 are the same men that these women as well as others from the USA that these women are hiding with right now. How can one accuse me of a crime when the crime has been committed against me? It is you and your respected family members and friends that are scamming and taking advantage of others. I am the one who is the victim here and not you. As far as Riis Sorsah is concerned, she was supposed to be living Jasper GA at the time of the incident. Her whereabouts are unknown. The other female defendants in the case proclaimed to be living in the Accra, Ghana area but their whereabouts are unknown at this time. Ms. Georgina Ampadu as well as the other female defendants who have received money from me in the past are living either in the United States or in Accra Ghana themselves. All of these defendants are innocent until proven guilty under a court of law.     I am the one who has filed charges against those who have wronged me. How can a defendant accuse the plaintiff of a crime? You tell me? I want to know how someone who is a defendant can accuse the plaintiff of a crime. Answer this question for me defendants and so called friends!!!! I love all of you to the utmost, but how can you sit there and live inside of a shell of deceit and lies? God Bless You!!!! I am referring to the individuals and their family members that scammed me as well as all of those so called friends in my hometown as well as those cities that I used to live. I am also including any of the females who have been in close intimate contact with Mr. Jeffrey Hendricks within the past 3 years. This includes Priscilla K. Addy as well as any of the so called friends in this case. This is not my intention of maliciously slandering you, when my reputation as well as my character has been damaged by the use of defamation of character. This also includes all of those who have written false reports against me in the past as well as the present. This also includes any of the people who have assisted me and made false medical and police reports against me in the past as well as the present. This also includes those who have blocked me from specific websites and have violated my first amendment rights by preventing me from receiving free speech. This also includes my online activities that have been blocked without my consent. This also includes television station managers who have blocked me from submitting my daily blogs online. If anyone have any concerns that they would like to share, please feel free to contact me personally since, there are active issues that need to be resolved between various people in my legal case as well as any of the so called friends who continue to spread false allegations and rumors about me. Please come directly to my face and we can talk about these matters inside of the Judges Chambers. This also includes members of the Information Technology Departments of the Public Libraries, Law Enforcement, Education, State and Federal Government as well as any private citizen who feels that they have additional comments that they would like to make to me personally. I want to share with the female defendants that all of our online transactions that I have had with you within the past 3 years is a book now. This is the truth. As soon as you are able to gain some common sense, then you and I can talk about these things. I am a professional person just like you. I am preserving your reputation as well as your integrity. By treating me in a condescending matter like you are doing only prolong the process. What I am telling you is this, we have a book together and it is time for all of us to talk about any concerns that you may have right now. Thank you for your cooperation.   Sincerely, Anthony Hopkins Dayton, Ohio

  3. Anthony Hopkins says:

    Father’s Day Blog

    Father’s Day is a very exciting day for all males who are fathers. At least this is a day when it is important for men who are fathers to spend quality time with their children. In some cases, it will be okay for any man who is not a father to spend time with his own family. At least spending time with your own parents is very important. Men can even spend time with their niece and nephews or spend time with children inside of the neighborhood. This is very important because we have to keep our children from engaging in reckless behaviors.

    This will instill social and moral values in our children. At least it would let them know that they are appreciated by someone outside of their own families. This in itself is very important. Therefore, validation is important!!!!!! Validation is when someone is fully accepted as a member of society without the use of repercussions and consequences from others. Validation is important!!!! It is also important when it comes to rearing children. Children need to be around others who are positive. Being around someone who is positive each day will ensure success. This in turn will enable others to become successful in life.

    Although Father’s Day is not emphasized as much as Mother’s Day, this is because the role of the father as a species has declined. There are not enough men in the communities that are not fulfilling their role as fathers. This is because of communication problems between men and women when it comes to fulfilling the roles and responsibilities as mothers and fathers. This is simply because mothers have been doing this for a very long time. Both mothers and children are frustrated because of the fact that their male role model is not around.

    Anthony Hopkins
    Dayton, Ohio

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