movie collins park 2008 What Happened?...UPDATE

The crowd got out of control and the movie ended early.

Atlanta Police said Friday that they would work with sponsors of Screen on the Green to ensure adequate security is available after Thursday night’s event at Piedmont Park ended with a large fight in the crowd. At a late-morning press conference, interim Police Chief George Turner said that any time there is a permitted event in the city, it is up to the sponsors of the event to arrange security, “which does include off-duty Atlanta police officers.” But he said that in the future, there will be some changes.

Turner said he could not confirm reports of gunfire at the event but that police are investigating.  Approximately 10,000 people attended the Piedmont Park event, with 23 off-duty officers providing security.

Turner said it started with girls fighting, followed by a group of boys fighting , organizers stopped the movie and off-duty officers, “dumped” the park. Turner said one person has been arrested.

Next weeks movie has been postponed for another week to make sure all is in place for some great family fun.  Will you return?

  1. tjar says:

    Some of our people are very undisciplined. And some of us have a sense of entitlement to do what ever they feel,disrespect any and everybody. And I myself believe that our children need whippings,not beatings. the reason children are undiscipline is because parents are not allowed to whip their kids therefore the children are left to their own devices. Everytime we do something negative it is magnified as though we are naturally bad and deserve to be treated with hatred and disrespect. So we need to check ourselves.

  2. Venus says:

    I was there and I didnt see any girls fighting, but there were large crowds of AA boys that were just totally off the chain. Loud, disruptive, running through crowds, trampling on peoples blankets (including mine!) acting like “animals”. I really hate to put it that way, but I have never experienced such blatant disrespect and lack of self control!. They were totally a different element of people than what I am used to. I was sitting toward the back of the park where the crap broke out about 25 minutes into the movie. A friend that I was with said she heard something like a taser gun going off right before the young boys started running through the crowd like crazy with no regard for anyone. It was disruptive to the point where we called 911 because it just seemed like something was really about to go down! Now, when the sun was up, we saw several officers congregating amongst themselves, chatting it up having a good time, but as soon as the sun went down, there were nowhere to be found! Needless to say, out of fear for our safety we packed up and left. We saw about 3 police officers on the way out and we went up to them as asked them what the deal was and one of them was like, “they are just like animals and its just going to get worse”. They didnt move from their spots either. I realized that there were a lot of people out there, but I didnt know it was 10,000! And they only had 23 cops? Really?! What a shame that such a nice event (and it was nice too) was ruined by a bunch of unruly, undisciplined, disrespectful kids who clearly had no home training. It was embarrassing and sickening to watch! Our children have just really fallen by the wayside and I really want to help, but HOW? How do you reach kids who are just so far gone and not really approachable? Who are the parents of these types of children I wonder? To be honest, from what I saw, I just wanted to pull out a belt and beat them all!!!

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