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A new study shows blacks are being blocked from being on juries in southern states.  “The New York Times” reports the Equal Justice Inititiave looked at eight states, finding significant problems in areas of each states.  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee were looked at by the non-profit human rights and legal services firm.  The data showed courts in Alabama found racially discriminatory jury selection in more than two dozen death penalty cases over the past 23 years.  In some counties in the state, more than 75-percent of black jury pool members were struck in death penalty cases.  Using race to exclude jurors has been illegal since 1875, but the study finds it remains widespread in those eight states.

  1. Ken says:

    This does not surprise me, in fact it is deeper than that, I would submit to you that blacks are also systematically eliminated from being called for jury duty. I have lived and voted in Georgia’s primary’s and general elections for the past three years, I nor any one that I know have ever been called for jury duty.

    1. jean103 says:

      Thanks for your comment Ken. You would think that at some point in the 21st century things would change.

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