A 22-year-old parolee faces charges of second-degree rape after a 7-year-old west Baltimore girl contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

jail inmate O.M.G.! Is All I Can Say To This

This is the second recent case in Baltimore where a child has contracted gonorrhea. The other case currently under investigation involves an 18-month-old toddler.  According to a police affidavit, the alleged sexual abuse of the 7-year-old happened at the beginning of May inside the child’s home in west Baltimore. It came to light after the child showed up in an emergency room, police said. “The victim had an active case of gonorrhea. The mother’s live-in boyfriend stated he wanted to prove he didn’t do anything so he (agreed) to be tested,” the affidavit said. “(He) and (the mother) both tested positive for gonorrhea. (The boyfriend) agreed to speak with the detective and admitted he’d had sexual contact with the girl.”


  1. racine111 says:

    he should be bull whipped then jail forever. mom needs to lose custody of the little girl to dad or in-laws until she proves her self worthy and responsible to raise her daughter in a safe family environment.

  2. Venus says:

    I am so tired of hearing these kinds of stories about these nasty sex crazed men. Who the hell wants to have sex with a damn kid??? These poor children. I see why mothers dont want to leave their kids around men, even their fathers, because they never know what they might do.

  3. Marilyn O says:

    What is wrong with these women. Is having a man or a man live with you that important!. They both need to be in prison. The mother needs her Axx beat down to the ground for allowing this to happen. She needs to loose custody ASAP.

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