vh Venus Williams...WTH?

Venus Williams debuted this outfit during her first match in this years French Open!!

vh bh1 Venus Williams...WTH?

That is a NUDE pair of tennis shorts underneath that were supposed to create an illusion . Was this outfit over the top for an international tennis tournament?

  1. Margo says:

    ABSOLUTELY! We as African American/Black people have lost all dignity and pride. What is going on? Everyone wants to be a slut, ho or pimp.

    In addition, these black reality shows with these girls saying that one or the other has no class or point out that they themselves have class. Well if you ask me, these girls got it wrong. Wearing expensive clothes, jewelry, and being on the screen does not buy or give you class. All they do is gossip, fight cuss, swear, call each other bitch, and put their behinds in the screen. People such as these, I don’t even want to associate with. They would just be an embarrassment to me. I choose my friends well and so far, there is not one of these girls on these shows that I would befriend, PERIOD!

    In addition, explain to me why these girls are bed hopping with one guy after another with the worst disease ever (AIDS) being exchanged by so many in our community. I call them girls and guys because these people are truly not grown or mature because they have no self-control over their bodies.

    Lowlives is what so many of us have become.

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