movie lead Atlanta Goes Hollywood

Lakewood goes from this…..To this….

hds soundstage1 1 Atlanta Goes Hollywood

Thanks to a deal between EUE/Screen Gems pictures and the City of Atlanta. The Atlanta City Council voted 13-0 to a 50 year lease of the land at the Lakewood Fairgrounds property on the Southside of the city to be used for a Hollywood soundstage. The deal means about 1000 jobs coming to the area. That part of the deal was of particular interest to City Councilwoman Joyce Shepard who represents the residents in that part of the city.

And Shepard says she is already getting calls about putting people to work.

There are some on the council who were concerned that Councilmember Shepard’s proposal would jeopardize the deal, but in the end it didn’t.

Screen Gems agreed to lease about 30 acres of land at the Lakewood Fairgrounds for $250 thousand the first ten years and then about $600 thousand a year after that for up to 50 years.  The new sound stages will accommodate television, commercial, digital and film productions.

  1. SimoniaMeChelle says:

    This is a dream come true for many!

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