w ballentine07 26 2009 The Warren Ballentine Show 5/6

Warren Ballentine is calling all entrepreneurs to Atlanta…Join Warren and Black Enterprise Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia for a special Entrepreneur’s Conference May 16-19. You could be one of the many winners of over 10k in prizes.  Listen Monday through Friday from 10 am til 1 pm. to get all the details.

  1. Monique Ferguson says:

    Hey Warren Just wanted to let you know we here in Atlanta Love the TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE you deliver waves on WAOK Keep up the Great work! and be Blessed!

  2. Monique Ferguson says:

    My bad I meant deliver over the air! but nonetheless keep up the great work excuse me on the the typo!

  3. jacquelyn says:

    Just tuned in to your show from Memphis, as an entrepreneur, Exec. Dir and Founder of, small business strugglers like me welcome the knowledge! I will attend the conference May 16-19. Want to know more.

  4. Oneka says:

    Listening to your show today I heard you say that once you have a felony you can not get financial aid. I have a friend how has felony and states that she still get her financial aid due to the fact that she did not get the felony while attending school. Is this correct?

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