car with boot mkmetz There May Be a Break if You Got The BOOT!

There are questions about whether the city’s new parking policy is LEGAL!

parking meters There May Be a Break if You Got The BOOT!

The Atlanta City Council will look at problems with the city’s parking enforcement program on Monday.  City Councilman Kwanzaa Hall has called for a 60 day moratorium on booting cars until complaints can be discussed. Dozens of people showed up at a city council work session late Friday morning to express their frustration with PARKAtlanta, the company contracted to enforce parking violations.

Councilman  Hall said the program needs to be tweaked because of complaints of inconsistent ticketing and confusing signs. There are other council members like Keisha Lance Bottoms who question whether the program is even legal since the people handing out tickets are not police officers.

We’ll see on Monday whether people who park in Atlanta will get a break until the City Council figures out the next move.

  1. Clara J. Edwards says:

    I got a boot on my car and never saw the sign until it was pointed out to me by the booter. Their signs are placed in disguise so that they are not noticed. Thank you.

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