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Arizona health officials say about 1,000 people, including 200 children, may have exposed to measles as the outbreak traced to Disneyland spreads.
On the first day of her confirmation hearing, Loretta Lynch told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee she would approach the job of attorney general differently than current AG Eric Holder.
Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch told senators if she's confirmed, she will do her job "with integrity and independence," and was willing to stand up to the White House.
The FBI is trying to determine who has been issuing bomb threats on Twitter against U.S. airlines. Several flights have been grounded due to safety concerns, including a pair of flights escorted to Atlanta's airport over the weekend by NORAD fighter jets.
From Budweiser's new "Lost Puppy" commercial to Kim Kardashian's selfie-inspired T-Mobile spot, number of Super Bowl ads hits record high
Some of this year's Super Bowl ads have already been released, and one has created so much controversy it's been pulled from the lineup. Adweek editorial director James Cooper joins CBSN to explain what the fuss is about.
Air Force One is getting an upgrade. CBS News aviation expert Mark Rosenker tells CBSN's Jeff Glor and Gigi Stone Woods that the Air Force will replace the current fleet of presidential planes with Boeing's 747-8 model.
Newsweek is facing a backlash over its latest cover, featuring a provocative illustration for a story on women and Silicon Valley. Some critics say the image encourages sexism.
Comcast is apologizing for changing a customer’s name to "A**hole" on a recent bill after a disagreement with a customer service representative.
The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety tested more than three dozen late-model vehicles to see if new safety features are preventing deaths. Chip Reid reports on the results.

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