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Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis spent a second day in jail Friday for her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses
An experiment at Imperial College London found that mild electrical current to the scalp could help prevent motion sickness
Due to low global demand, the Texas oil industry has been shedding thousands of jobs
A new study says good jobs are back; nowhere else is that more evident than at Hightower, a young commercial real estate technology company
An 86-year-old man who visits his wife's grave twice a day found a way to help a neighbor in the cemetery
U.S. military is scrambling to explain and correct problems that led to ​the accidental shipment of live anthrax to dozens of labs
Posters around the UMass Lowell campus ask for help finding a tarantula, named Aragog, after the Harry Potter films
What did the Saudi king discuss with President Obama in a White House visit?
Panda Mei Xiang gave birth to twin cubs at the Washington D.C. zoo in August; smaller of the two cubs died four days later
Caleb Jackson pleaded no contest to manslaughter and hazing in April 2013 for his part in the 2011 death of Robert Champion, who was from Georgia