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May 24, 2014 8:00 AM

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noahs ark blt lion tiger bear Guide to Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary (Credit, Ava Roxanne Stritt)

Spring has passed and summer is almost here. What does that bring to mind? Summer activities galore are to be enjoyed during this fun time of year. Many flock to theme parks, but have you ever been to a theme park where you came out smarter, more loving and full of hope? Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is non-profit dedicated to bringing children and animals together in a fun interactive way. Its affiliation with the National Wildlife Federation, Charity Navigator and foundations like the IS Foundation has people flocking here from all over the world. Here’s your all-inclusive guide to enjoying your visit to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary
712 L.G. Griffin Road
Locust Grove, GA 30248
(777) 957-0888

Hours: Open Tues. through Sat. from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Price: FREE

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is home to over 1,500 animals, 100 plus species but has a $0 admission fee. This non-profit recreation center located in Locust Grove, GA will have you coming back each week to catch up on your favorite activities from a picnic, birthday party, Take a Walk on The Wild Side Tour, VIP Tour, special volunteer tasks and more.

Meet the Most Famous Residents – The BLT

The hashtag #BLT is trending since the bear, lion and tiger that live peaceably together, popularly known as The BLT, have become social media stars worldwide. Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger came to Noah’s Ark early in 2001. They were confiscated from a drug dealer’s basement in his home in the Atlanta region. They suffered hideous neglect and abuse. The BLT were also infested with internal and external parasites. After being cared for by the caretakers at Noah’s Ark and getting better, these three were then bonded for life. There is no known other place in the world where one can find the threesome of a bear, lion and tiger that live in harmony. These BFFs still play, eat and sleep together.

noahs ark doc anne Guide to Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary

Doc and Little Ann (Credit, Ava Roxanne Stritt)

View an Unlikely Duo – Doc and Little Anne

When Little Anne and Doc the tiger both came to Noah’s Ark, they were almost the same size and age, so as the caretakers were caring for them, they noticed that they got along very well. It would have been harsh to separate them. Now Doc is actually the largest tiger at Noah’s Ark, but Little Anne still seems to be quite the lady in charge. Be sure to watch as Anne rises from a nap in her cabin and heads over to a tree in her habitat. She looks like she is doing her morning pull-ups, but she is actually scratching her belly. Bears love to scratch and eat sweets. Doc just turns up his nose when Anne gets a marshmallow treat.

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Keeper for a Day

Volunteer to be “Keeper for a Day.” There is a small fee for this activity and it is best to call before you arrive to set up, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime day that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Other volunteer activities that do not have a fee include: gift shop, check in of small animals, office duties, answering phones, general repairs and maintenance, lawn care and landscaping, plumbing, construction and building assistance, habitat building assistance and pick up of donated items. Another very popular volunteer activity is enrichment. Take a look at Noah’s Ark Facebook Page to see some of the fun, safe enrichment items that volunteers have made in the past that give the animals a much-needed break from their routine. You will love seeing them entertained by items that you have made with the instructions that can be provided by the sanctuary.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side Tour

This tour leaves every participant wanting to come back again and again to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. Each tour is filled with details about the background of each animals and unique viewing and activities. When you arrive at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, visit the front desk to find out what times the tour will be held on that day. If you have a larger group, you may be able to have a time just for you. A small donation is required for this very personal VIP tour just for you.

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