Best Resources To Brew Beer At Home In Atlanta

October 2, 2013 8:00 AM

Legend holds that beer is one of the oldest beverages crafted by man, as evidenced by clay tablets dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. The skill of beer brewing was passed from one civilization to the next, taking on a wide variety of colors and flavors as it made its way through different countries like Germany, Ireland and Japan before “pouring” into the United States. Throughout the ages, beer has been a drink associated with celebration and has since become a popular thirst quencher at sporting events, fraternity parties and end-of-the-work-week gatherings. A growing trend among true brew enthusiasts is the art of home brewing. Luckily for Atlanta beer lovers, there are a number of excellent resources in town to not only help them launch their own home brew hobby, but to also keep them well stocked in hops, malts and other essential home-brewing supplies.

Brewmasters Warehouse
2145 Roswell Road, Suite 320
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 973-0072

Offering a terrific retail location and online resource for local home brewers, Brewmasters Warehouse also provides helpful classes for beginners and an awesome online application that allows brewers to break away from the kit and develop their own custom recipes. This establishment even goes beyond the art of beer making by exploring wine and cheese making as well.

Brew Depot
10595 Old Alabama Road Connector    
Alpharetta, GA  30022
(770) 645-1777

Providing beer and wine craft supplies to Atlantans for nearly two decades, Brew Depot offers a knowledgeable staff that is well-versed in the art of beer making. Offering up a wide selection of books, starter kits, recipe kits, ingredients and equipment, this one-stop shop also facilitates brew classes for everyone from novices to advanced brewers.

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Hop City Craft Beer & Wine
1000 Marietta St., Suite 302
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 350-9998

Hop City lays claim to more than “33 different specialty grains, a full line of WYEAST yeasts, an ever-expanding hop selection” and an experienced staff who can help home brewers customize their own unique recipes and ultimately keg their special formula for others to enjoy. This home-brew resource hosts classes on Saturdays for amateurs to all-grain authorities.

Beer & Wine Craft of Atlanta
220 Sandy Springs Circle N.E., Suite 109
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 252-5606

A great place for beginners to dip their toes into the frothy waters of beer making, Beer & Wine Craft of Atlanta provides a broad selection of crafting supplies and beer-brewing kits from True Brew, Cooper’s and the ever-popular Brewer’s Best – which features more than 30 perfectly crafted recipes with easy-to-follow instructions. True to its name, Beer & Wine Craft also offers wine-making supplies.

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South Atlanta Homebrewers

True beer lovers and home-brew enthusiasts may want to “join the club!” Started by a group of brewers based on Atlanta’s south side, South Atlanta Homebrewers features beer makers of all experience levels who meet regularly to discuss the practice of home brewing, evaluating beer, brewing safety and food pairing. In addition to meetings, South Atlanta Homebrewers occasionally plans inspirational club activities such as visits to beer events around the Atlanta area and tours of local breweries.

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