Best Parks To Walk Your Dog In Atlanta

April 25, 2014 9:00 AM

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A sunny day makes one want to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Your dog feels the same way each and every day no matter what the weather is. For you and your dog’s health and happiness, life involves exercise and there is no better way to bring happiness to your dog’s life than with a walk. Below find the best parks to walk your dog in Atlanta.

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Park
3787 Klondike Road
Lithonia, GA 30038
(770) 492-5231

Located within the Atlanta region is a park that has wonders around every turn of the trail, not unlike a yellow brick road. Rock formations form surprising shapes that intrigue your dog to wonder if it is a friend or foe. Leashed dogs enjoy not only the trails but the time they get to spend with their human parents. Multiple trails are available, so pick the one that is best for you and your dog’s time availability and footing.

Chastain Park Trail
Chastain Park Conservancy
4001 Powers Ferry Road N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30342
(404) 237-2177

Within the Atlanta’s perimeter is scenic Chastain Park, which holds a three-mile trail to entice you and your furry friend. Expect to see many locals here along with guests to the city who seek a place for Fido’s daily walk. Vast areas along the paths allow for plenty of play time, so bring Fido’s favorite ball or toy. Water bowls can usually be found along the paths to aid in hydrating your pet. You may want to bring your own water bottle for you.

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Piedmont Park Dog Park 
1320 Monroe Drive N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 875-7275

A famous outdoor activity hub for all in Atlanta is Piedmont Park. Both people and their pets seem to love to be seen here on almost every sunny day. Enjoy the several miles of trails within the park, and then discover another location for dog owners. The most famous dog park in Atlanta is within the park – Piedmont Dog Park. Seen near the dog park on a sign is “benches are for people, boulders are for dogs.” Rules for dogs at the park can be found on the website.

Silver Comet Trail
Mavell Road
Smyrna, GA 30082
(404) 875-7284

This park became famous in Atlanta from the word of bike riders. Due to its increasing popularity, the Silver Comet Trail has been designed to have something to offer for all, even your dog. The Silver Comet trail meanders through Cobb, Paulding and Polk counties. It is a 61.5-mile-long trail which does not end until you get the the GA/AL border. The trail is paved, but offers areas to the side or grass or dirt in case your dog’s paws are getting too hot from the pavement. There are a few areas without this option, but they are short. The trail’s traditional start is in the Smyrna area of Atlanta.

The Atlanta BeltLine 
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 446-4400

One of the most successful city revitalization projects is the Atlanta BeltLine. Not only has it changed the quality of life for many Atlantans, but it is also a terrific destination for people and their loving pups. This place gets more popular as the weather improves so get out early. Daylight is the best time to visit this park. Atlanta is working on better lighting for more safety. One more tip – always pick up after your dog so the paths can be enjoyed by all.

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