Best Off Leash Dog Areas In Atlanta

August 10, 2013 8:00 AM

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Dogs seem to be the most popular accessory in Atlanta these days. Just sit and eat at one of the trendy Inman Park restaurants like Fritti on the patio to see the proud parade of canine owners prance by. As dogs grow accustomed to heading out the door with us most everywhere we go, they too need their own public spaces. Below you will find some of the best off-leash dog areas in Atlanta. 

Piedmont Park Dog Park 
1071 Piedmont Ave.
Atlanta, GA 31136

The most outdoor spot in the city of Atlanta is Piedmont Park. The most popular spot within that park if the Piedmont Dog Park. Rules are posted on the website and are pretty straightforward. Please read them before you arrive for your day of fun. The enclosed off-leash area also has an exclusive area enclosed for small dogs under 30 pounds. The most intriguing rule is “benches are for people, boulders are for dogs.”

Grant Park 
800 Cherokee Ave. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30315
(404) 521-0938

The most social dog park is Grant Park. Both dogs and humans gather on its Grant Park Dogs Facebook page to share information and tips. Since this is such a new revitalized historical area, rules are still evolving, so please call and check the website before you visit. If you don’t have a dog of your own, this location can aid in animal adventures. Grant Park also houses the Atlanta Zoo.

Railside Dog Park at Castleberry Hill
210 Peters St. S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30313

The Raidside Dog Park at Castleberry Hill was created with in 2010 with funds raised from many different donators. The two acres where the park resides was a donation by Jerry Mill. Besharat Gallery recently donated benches. Many have combined their creative talents to make this park endure on limited funds and maintenance. Georgia Power has also gotten involved by providing landscaping materials and fencing.

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Mason Mill Dog Park
1400 McConnell Drive
Atlanta, GA 30033

This unfenced dog park welcomes dogs from all over Atlanta. As park of the DeKalb County group of parks, its upkeep is though the county. This new park was finished in the past year. There are separate areas for both small and large dogs. Each area has its own dog water fountain. There are only six parking spaces, so be aware of this during popular dog days. Nearby you will find a crushed stone trail and a picnic pavilion. 

Atlanta Station Dog Park
State St. N.W. and 17th St.
Atlanta, GA 30363

For more petite in-town dogs, there is the cozy Atlantic Station Dog Park. This is a perfect place for a posh pooch to socialize downtown near the multi-use shopping and living district of Atlantic Station. There are plenty of quick-service restaurants nearby, so you can pick up a quick meal and possibly a snack for your dog too. Be sure to check the website for special events in the area. Your dog may not like some of the big crowds events can bring.

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